These past few weeks Heaven has been a lot on my mind – Mrs. Ruth’s and Sara Jane’s passings these past weekends–each had a significant influence on different timelines of my life journey and loved them both dearly. We can only imagine what Heaven is like this very moment. My closest glimpse was in Mother’s eyes the day her spirit flew–her eyes wide open and glistening affixed on seeing my Dad and my Brother; started calling names of others–and she reached out and her Spirit flew…I’ll never ever forget the Spirit breeze feeling the room as she left. I am not sure how the ‘word’ gets out when a saint goes Home – I personally think it’s like your closest loved ones going door to door; hollering down the street….On Sunday, I see our Mrs. Dickard–Sara Jane’s Mom doing just that with such joy – ‘Sara Jane is coming home today!’ –and a throng of excitement as they all gather at that incredible visionary spot–and all the tens of hundreds run out to meet them–no social distancing or separation forever–and a large WELCOME HOME! banner flies over the door – never taken down.
A Governor Jimmy Davis classic most prominently sang by Vestal Goodman was also a favorite of our Mrs. D at Roanoke in those early years–her face beaming as she sang–her granddaughters Rosetta & Kathy accompanying her on the piano….
‘A place where there is no misunderstanding
Out there from all enmity and strife we’ll be free.
There no unkind words that wound the heart are spoken
And this is just what Heaven means to me.
What will it be when we get over yonder
When we’ll join the throng upon the glassy sea.
We’ll join our loved ones and crown Christ forever
Oh, this is just what Heaven means to me.’ –
So this morning, lovingly remembering our Sara Jane (DIckard) Rice. Thank you for the lasting impact you had not only my life but countless others – being loved and influenced by you help make us into what we are and who we are today–and we always knew you loved us in spite of us–no matter where we came from or had been–you just loved us. Forever Grateful.