Celebrating 19 Years

6,935 days ago, I began a 19 year journey. This morning, in the rear view mirror it seems like a blink of time. So humbly thankful to a God of unmerited favor Who looked my faults, scars, and failures and loved me anyway; to a most incredible Mother who loved me unconditionally and never gave… Read more »

Through the Lens of Faith

Some encouraging words for us all today from Habakkuk 1–Through the Lens of Faith; Eyes ‘Laser’ Focused on Jesus. #BeEncouraged

Every New Day

Every new day is another chance…Have a extraordinary work week everyone. #Rekindle2019

Speak Life

“Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.” — Psalm 141:3  A simple show of hands would indicate how many are so thankful for God’s mighty protection over our lives. Thankful for the negative people he has removed, unhealthy relationships, streets we wanted to occupy that had dead… Read more »

In His Presence There is Joy

‘Through His love the Lord provided a place for us to rest;A place to find the answers in hours of distress…In the presence of Jehovah; God Almighty Prince of Peace.Troubles vanish, hearts are mended.In the Presence of the King.’ Psalm 16:11

There is Jesus.

‘So no matter what you’re facing. No matter where you’ve been. In hard times or in good times keep your eyes on Him. But in the heat of battle or by pleasant mountain streams. He’ll be right there in the middle. That’s where He’s always been.So be strong and take courage when you think you’re… Read more »

Thankful Thursday

Lord, I will lift mine eyes to the hills Knowing my help is coming from You. Your peace, You give me in time of the storm. You are the Source of my strength. You are the Strength of my life. I lift my hands in total praise to You. – Richard Smallwood / Psalm 121:1… Read more »


God. Is. Faithful ALWAYS. No matter what we are experiencing or how alone we feel, He is right here with us. Trusting Him involves consciously leaning on Him – that massive ‘Everlasting Arm’ we sang about so much growing up- ‘Safe and secure’ keeps us standing when we are weary. Lean on, trust in and… Read more »

You are Amazing.

Heaven is holding conversations about you right now. Angels have been assigned to you.  The Father is at work on your behalf.  You are Amazing–rest on that, friends.