A Tuesday Reminder

A Tuesday reminder from one of my favorite places – the Chapel prayer room @ The Cove. What do you need to trust the Lord with today?

The Best I Have

“Pour out the best you have..”- Oswald Chambers   The Best I have is Jesus. The Best days are when He takes front and center, Less of me. More of Him. #SeekersofHisHeart

Mercy Has Changed Me

A Thankful for His Mercy Thursday. ‘When I was too weak to stand He took me by the hand; And when fear controlled my days I grew strong in His embrace. Mercy has changed me In ways I never dreamed I’d all but given up But Mercy taught me to believe. Now I’m living, finally… Read more »

Purpose Driven Life

A Purpose Driven Life inspired thought for all of us wrapping up the day here @ West Court. God will use our entire lifetime to prepare us for our role(s) in eternity.

Love Always Wins.

A lot of folks tell me I get too ‘close’ to my ever broadening Circle–business coaches and advisors tell me I get too emotionally invested with my clients and ‘its just business’. I hope I am always the first to applaud success, celebrate milestones, genuinely care unconditionally but also grieve losses–especially over the past few… Read more »

Captain Dan

I came across a ‘treasure trove’ of video footage from C. Dan’s monthly video updates in 2007-2008 that we produced–in the middle of the real estate market crisis, these messages were targeted to encourage and motivate his CDJ Brokers/Agents/Staff in only the way ‘Captain Dan’ could. Not so ironically, many references to ‘this storm will… Read more »