Sitting Humbly at the Foot of the Cross

Some favorite thoughts/posts from the week. Today we begin the last week of August 2019–what will we do with it? Have an Amazing week everyone! #BeEncouragedToday

A Simple Math Lesson

Today, a simple math lesson. 1+3=4. Forgiving, sustaining, undeserved, unconditional–can’t be earned or bought–and its Free. Have an Amazing Wednesday everyone.

There is Jesus.

So no matter what you’re facing. no matter where you’ve been. In hard times or in good times just keep your eyes on Him. He’ll be right there in the middle.That’s where He’s always been. So be strong and take courage and when you think you’re gonna fall; Because right in the middle of it… Read more »

Letting Go of Some Knobs

Some Friday Inspiration(s)–letting go of some ‘knobs’ and resetting our eyes. Have a blessed Friday everyone and an extraordinary weekend! #BeEncouragedToday

I Will Be Grateful For This Day

So very thankful for another Thursday–family, friends that are family, associates that are family. Reminded so much of that last night enjoying dinner @Soby’s with valued extraordinary friends & clients Dr.’s Ann Bynum and Matt Bynum. As I was walking back down the hill @ West Court I felt this enveloping sense of being so… Read more »

Good in Every Day

Always be grateful for what you have. Every day will not always be good, but there is good in every day if you choose to find it.


You are NOT defined by your worst moments. You are NOT defined by your greatest accomplishments. You are NOT defined by what others think of you or what you think about yourself. You are NOT defined by what you do or fail to do. You ARE defined by what God has done for you. –… Read more »