Grace and Grit

May God give us the grace and grit to keep walking; one foot in front of the other, no matter how impossible the mountain feels to climb. May He renew our faith to believe that showers of blessings await us around the bends, curves and through the valleys of our life journey. And tomorrow when… Read more »

A Life of Significance

‘I think the greatest tragedy in life is looking back and saying, “I was successful in things that didn’t matter. When you live for people, and strive to use your success to impact people and the world around you, I believe you will have a life of significance.’ – Tim Tebow

Remember & Honor

‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.’ (John 15:13). #RememberHonor

Please Remain Vigilant

Yikes – it’s actually Tuesday 1AM – Wrapping up another work day here @ West Court and thought I would share a Sioux Proverb I came across today. BTW–my new ‘messaged’ mask should be here tomorrow..a subtle hint I am hoping for those of us with weakened immune systems. Please continue to be vigilant and… Read more »

I Need You Lord

I was listening to a Bill Gaither podcast with Sandi Patty yesterday–they were recalling the night after a concert when the original lyrics for this song were crafted by Gloria – the arena was empty; the crowds were gone – the stage was bare. Within a few days following Gloria, Bill & Sandi compiled the… Read more »

Amazing Things Can Happen

‘We’re all hitting the wall about right now.In these unprecedented and challenging times, the enemy of our soul wants to whisper, with sinister intent, “You will never make it. This road ahead is too long and too challenging.” God speaks a different message. Through his Word, by his Holy Spirit, and through the lives of… Read more »