I Need You Lord

I was listening to a Bill Gaither podcast with Sandi Patty yesterday–they were recalling the night after a concert when the original lyrics for this song were crafted by Gloria – the arena was empty; the crowds were gone – the stage was bare. Within a few days following Gloria, Bill & Sandi compiled the lyrics and music to one of Sandi’s more remembered songs. Sandi talked further about how the words were so relevant these past months as both she and her husband Don battled COVIC-19; isolated, quarantined-a few nights her breathing so labored she was almost hospitalized and how scared they were and just how relevant and real these words were to them and maybe for many of us today or yesterday or tomorrow. May it bless you as it did me in these early morning hours…when its just you and me, Lord.

‘It was so easy to call you Lord
When a thousand voices sang Your praise
But there’s no one to hear me now
So hear me now, be near me now.
The stage is bare
The crowds are gone
Lord now the time I need Your song
To give me joy and certainty
When no one else is watching me.
I need you more than words can say.
Tomorrow’s such a daily day.
And so I need to feel you then
Holding my hand;
Please hold me then
I need you, Lord.’ – Gloria Gaither