‘Through the dry and barren places; Through life’s dense and maddening mazes. Through the pain and through the glory; Through will always tell the story; Of the God whose power and mercy Will not fail to take us through.’ – Gaither A Promise for all of us this Last Friday of the Last Day of… Read more »

Every Hour

“I need thee, O I need thee; Every hour I need thee! O bless me now, my Savior, I come to thee.” Wrapping up a Monday here @ West Court with this classic hymn–prayers for many tonight; and a night of peaceful rest for all.

She Taught Me How To Fly

You provided for me an unconditional love that provides courage and comfort all at once. My wings were built from your heart and are entwined with your enlivening strength. And when you told me I could fly, it was impossible to doubt, because I have seen all that grows from being wrapped in your light…. Read more »

Life is an Echo

Wrapping up a Thursday/now Friday AM work day here in The Neighborhood. Thoughts for our Friday – Life is an Echo – What we send out comes back. Let’s send out goodness and kindness today. Our world needs us.


Being thankful for our strength–someone just may need to borrow today. Prayers for many this morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.

Immeasurable Impact

Never, ever underestimate the impact we all can have on a life of a child. Our mission is simple–the impact is quite immeasurable. #loveourkids


I owe God everything. I was asked by a business magazine publication recently during a feature interview upcoming in May–about who had influenced me most in business and in life.  Living Life lessons from my extraordinary Mom & Dad; My business influence early on was our beloved C. Dan Joyner.  But my ultimate influence–I owe… Read more »


Wrapping up with motivation for our Friday morning–prayers for so many tonight. Headed out to ‘sit a spell’ with splendid night views of my favorite Grace Downtown steeple before bed. Have a terrific Friday and weekend everyone! My 2nd Pfizer vaccine @ Walgreens on Sunday. ‘When the mist rises and the winds quieten, There in… Read more »

Through Thick & Thin

Wrapping up a blessed Wednesday here @ West Court–a quiet walk down to the Reedy before bed this quiet peaceful night in The Neighborhood. A few hours begins a very Thankful Through Thick & Thin Thursday for my Life Friends.. From my early years at the Looper homestead, schooling at Dacusville, Dad’s pastorates at Midway,… Read more »


“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, American philosopher (1803 – 1882)