Through Thick & Thin

Wrapping up a blessed Wednesday here @ West Court–a quiet walk down to the Reedy before bed this quiet peaceful night in The Neighborhood. A few hours begins a very Thankful Through Thick & Thin Thursday for my Life Friends..
From my early years at the Looper homestead, schooling at Dacusville, Dad’s pastorates at Midway, Fairview, Roanoke, Morningside, high school years at Tab–and now gratefully in my later adult life with over two decades in my wonderful business that God has blessed me with. LIFE FRIENDS. Everyone needs them — you know, the ones who has been there through it all. The ones who has been there through the laughs, cries and everything in between. The ones that take bad days and turn them into better nights. The ones that help put back the pieces. The ones that always remind us of who we are and the love we deserve. The ones who are down for any adventure, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. You see, some people come into our lives to make it better — to make the music louder, the days brighter, and the happiness longer. My sincere thanks to each of you for not judging me when I did something really stupid, for laughing with me until the sun comes up and for always being there in good times and the not so good.. You all will always be my ride or die, through Thick and Thin–years and space may separate us–but for each of you I am so grateful and forever blessed – my Friend(s) for Life. Love you all.