To God Be the Glory

‘How can I say thanks For the things You have done for me? Things so undeserved Yet You gave to prove Your love for me The voices of a million angels Could not express my gratitude All that I am and ever hope to be I owe it all to Thee. To God be the… Read more »

Best Day of My Life

Just an extraordinary narrative seeing Heaven written through the eyes of a child–‘Best Day of My Life”.   ‘Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth. My eyes saw things I had never seen before and my ears heard sounds I had never heard. I saw gardens so perfect that nothing was wilted… Read more »

I Give You Thanks

Brooklyn Tab Live on full volume @ West Court. ‘I am so Blessed; my soul is at rest; O Lord I give You thanks.’ ‘Thank you Lord for the strength You give Simply carry on thru life’s toils and tests; The worst and best You never left me alone You’ll always ride beside me and… Read more »

Blest Be The Tie That Binds

Blessed be the tie that binds Our hearts in Christian love; The fellowship of kindred minds Is like that to that above.’ Have a wonderfully blessed safe and Happy Thanksgiving Friends. Love you all. #gratefulthankfulblessed


‘Through the dry and barren places Through life’s dense and maddening mazes Through the pain and through the glory Through will always tell the story Of the God whose power and mercy Will not fail to take us through.’- Gaither

Since Jesus Passed By

A rare Monday evening brief respite @ the Piano. A Gaither classic–very well lyrically written for my life path–maybe yours as well. Prayers for many tonight. Rest well, Friends. ‘All my yesterdays are buried In the deepest of the sea That old load of guilt I carried It’s all gone, praise God I’m free. Looking… Read more »


Very proud of one of our upcoming Holiday ‘Thank You’ projects this year for our local Law Enforcement Community–just a small token of our gratitude from our Carolina Creative Collaborative Family and a daily reminder of our prayers for you each and every day. #BacktheBlue

Keep Praying

Some hope and encouragement today. Admittedly, when we are really struggling–especially in times of grief, anxiety and worry–even when all we have left is a whisper, KEEP PRAYING. God is listening. God hears us. God loves us. #keeppraying

I am Grateful

A Prayer for Thanksgiving Week. ‘I want to start every day with gratitude. Everything I have is a gift from You and I don’t express that gratitude often enough. Help me to be grateful. Thank you for who You are. Thank You for being good, holy, and just. Thank You for your kindness, forgiveness, love,… Read more »

Attitude of Gratitude

‘Our hearts are full with gratitude For work and rest and daily food For neighbors kind and faithful friends The gift of which our lives depend We even thank You for the pain It’s through the losses that we gain A clear perspective, better view Of our dependency on You We hold all things with… Read more »