Hope Fueled 2022

HOPEverb (used with object)

 – to look forward to with desire and confidence.

 – to believe, desire, or trust.

HOPE REFUELED.  Coming January 2022.

Happy 2023.

Many months in 2022 and specifically December have been brutal to many of us – grief, painful loss, personal health, COVID, fires, floods, frozen pipes, discouragement have enveloped us. Tonight, together we put these behind us. Tomorrow is a new day, a new year and a renewed spirit. God bless you and love you all…. Read more »

Jesus Led Me All the Way

‘All the way my Savior leads me What have I to ask beside? Can I doubt His faithful mercies? Who through life has been my guide, Heavenly peace, divinest comfort Ere by faith in Him to dwell For I know whate’er fall me Jesus doeth all things well, All of the way my Savior leads… Read more »

For I Know the One

I know not why God’s wondrous grace To me He hath made known, Nor why, unworthy, Christ in love Redeemed me for His own. Refrain: But “I know Whom I have believed, And am persuaded that He is able To keep that which I’ve committed Unto Him against that day.” – Daniel Whittle 1883

A Merry Little Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas Let your heart be light From now on Our troubles will be out of sight. Have yourself a merry little Christmas Make the Yule-tide gay From now on Our troubles will be miles away. Here we are as in olden days Happy golden days of yore Faithful friends who… Read more »

Never Forget the Difference You Make

‘Then peeled the bells more loud and deep God IS NOT dead, nor doth He sleep The wrong shall fail, the right prevail With peace on Earth, good will to men.’

The God Who Sees

‘I’m the God who sees you in your wilderness Sees you in your brokenness; When you’re feeling lonely, I’m the God who sees In the desert places, in your empty spaces I’m the God who sees. I’m nearer than you dare believe Here in the very air you breathe I’m the God who sees.’- ANCM

Never Alone

We’re Never Alone | FIXING OUR EYES ON JESUS ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.’ Deuteronomy 31:6 Two thousand years ago, a solitary figure stood out in history. The Bible says the… Read more »

Day by Day

1 Day by day and with each passing moment, Strength I find to meet my trials here; Trusting in my Father’s wise bestowment, I’ve no cause for worry or for fear. He whose heart is kind beyond all measure Gives unto each day what he deems best– Lovingly, its part of pain and pleasure, Mingling… Read more »

Total Praise

‘Lord, I will lift my eyes to the hills Knowing my help is coming from You. Your peace You give me in time of the storm: You are the source of my strength You are the strength of my life I lift my hands in total praise to You.’

Then God Stepped In

A Thankful Thursday. Always Faithful. Always just when we need it…and THEN God stepped in.


Storms. A Thankful Thursday respite to the lyrics of a Mosie Lister classic I have played and/or sang hundreds (probably much more) times since my early years. So many in my beloved Tribe are going through some really tough storms right now–just a reminder this morning that God will keep, hold, sustain you and your… Read more »


It does not make things easy; it makes them possible.  Luke 1:37

Hard Times

Hard times not only SHAPE our character, they also REVEAL our character.  #ICanDoAllThings  

Isaiah 43

Isaiah 43 is one of my favorites. This passage–and my favorite vs. 31. Mounting up with wings as eagles; running and not being weary; walking and not fainting. For this Tuesday – have a blessed day everyone.

Forever I am Grateful

‘You have led me through the fire In the darkest night You are close like no other I’ve known You as a Father I’ve known You as a Friend And I have lived in the goodness of God. And all my life You have been faithful. And all my life You have been so, so… Read more »

What Virginia Lost

What Virginia lost: The pain of 3 players killed in shooting stretches beyond the football community. May God provide comfort and peace to each family & the Cavalier Nation.

There is a Place

Early Friday morning creative inspiration from GVB. Have a blessed day everyone. ‘Come, my child, there is a place When you’re lost, you will be found You’ll be safe, and you’ll belong You will hear the sweetest sound This is the place where we pray This is the place where we cry This is the… Read more »

Just Keep Trusting

Was driving back into West Court from a meeting earlier today–singing myself happy as Mother would often do. A sing-a-long chorus just popped into my head that goes back to our Youth Group trips/gatherings @ Morningside – our beloved life friends Butch Howard & Johnny Wise on the guitars; camps and camp fires, long bus… Read more »

After the Storm

Calling it a night–just a grueling past few days–those who are self employed and/or own your own business will understand these days will come around at times in our journey that we just have to grit it out with every ounce we have inside us. But we are better for it after the passage through…. Read more »

Nail Pierced Hands

“don’t let your hearts be troubled.” Jesus said. “in Me you will have peace”. He said that, too. yet, we worry away our days. “don’t be surprised”—the Word says. yet, we often are. today… let those nailed pierced hands draw you to Himself— into all that is true and all that is eternal.


Creative inspiration this night @ West Court with EHSS. Geat lyrics…’Remind me where my Strength is from. I’m overwhelmed. I’m overrun. But I’m holding on.’ #Overcome ‘You say, “Hold every thought captive” But my thoughts have chains on me You say, “Faith can move the mountains” God, help my unbelief Every doubt keeps pulling me… Read more »

Heavenly Sunlight

Creative Inspiration tonight from an audio tape of a circa @ 1970 Jack Green Revival service (Bro. Jack annually conducted a Spring and Fall Revival each year @ my Dad’s churches. Congregational singing off the charts – a vintage standard published in 1899 that many of you will remember. Definitely heard my Dad shouting in… Read more »

Be BOLD and Encouraged

Psalm 27:1 reads, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?” BE BOLD and encouraged this day, for the Lord is with you always.

He Touched Me

Sunday morning inspiration – a vintage (and favorite) Gaither classic. Have a blessed day everyone. ‘Since I met this blessed Savior, Since He cleansed and made me whole, I will never cease to praise Him, I’ll shout it while eternity rolls He touched me, oh He touched me, And oh the joy that floods my… Read more »

23,741 Days

In the late night hours 23,740 days in my rear view mirror this very night, my Dad paced the halls outside the surgery wing at the old Greenville General Hospital. The doctors were not encouraging at all–they would do everything they could to save Mother’s life but the cancer had ravaged her and with limited… Read more »

Pause & Reflect

For a beloved Friend this morning. #PAUSE&REFLECT ‘She finds herself awake again, all throughout the night — when the evening blurs into the morning sky, and still, peace is not in sight. The room is quiet but her thoughts are loud, her mind lost in the wild of her worries. Struggling in silence, she keeps… Read more »

Any Good at All

The all of my life–the favor, the blessings, the ‘any good at all” in my life is simply and amazingly a result of who He is in spite of who I am.


I am thinking I first heard (and played) this vintage Southern Gospel and church choir standard by Mosie Lister in the early Roanoke years–written in 1958. A lot of Storms for so many of us these past few years–and they get relentless it seems – but they were not sent to break us… Finishing up… Read more »

My Chains Are Gone

Creative inspiration this working Thursday night @ West Court by Chris Tomlin. #unendinglove #amazinggrace ‘My chains are gone I’ve been set free My God, my Savior has ransomed me. And like a flood His mercy reigns Unending love, amazing Grace.’

Never Been Out of His Care

A vintage Dallas Holm classic in the early hours this chilly working Wednesday morning @ West Court. Have a blessed day everyone. ‘The eyes of God are upon me He sees everything I do The arms of God are around me They keep me safe and secure And He knows where I am Every hour… Read more »

Only Souls

Shared from a Friend. SPOT ON. If only our eyes saw SOULS…

My Life is In Your Hands

Early morning P&W with Kathy Triccoli this Sunday morning @ West Court. Have a blessed Day everyone. ‘Life can be so good. Life can be so hard. Never knowing what each day Will bring to where You are. Sometimes I forget And sometimes I can’t see That whatever comes my way You’ll be with me…. Read more »

Trust His Heart

God is too good to be unkind and He is too wise to be mistaken. And when we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart. When you are so weak that you cannot do much more than cry, you coin diamonds with both your eyes. – Charles Spurgeon

No More Night

Wrapping up a long work day at the Perch @ West Court. Saddened this night by the loss of several young men in their 30’s these past few days–my heart goes out to the families–just so tragically heartbreaking. Several funerals and services the next few days. May God be with their families and friends; surround… Read more »

Just Breathe

When you need to clear your head and your heart–a much needed quiet serene Sunday afternoon Drive on the Parkway–route to Brevard & head north. Our Creator is the most Masterful Artist. And Fall is my favorite. #JustBreathe

Peace Like a River

I grew up singing a chorus at church in our Roanoke & Morningside years – maybe you remember it? The first verse was “I’ve got peace like a river.” The second verse was “I’ve got love like an ocean.” And the third was “I’ve got joy like a fountain.” It even had hand motions! We… Read more »

Wisdom Thoughts for a Thursday

Shared from a friend. Wisdom thoughts for today–Have a great Thursday everyone. My Grandmother always cooked tasty food. But one day, she put a burnt pie in front of my Grandpa. Not just a little burnt, but black as coal. I waited to see what my Grandpa would say. But he just ate the pie… Read more »

Loving God

Wrapping up a blessed & busy Tuesday here at The Perch @ West Court. Loving God. God is good. God is Faithful. #HopeFueled2022 #BeBold2023

Our Story

No matter what our path is and where our story takes us, God is always there to guide the way. He has perfectly created each of our stories, chapter by chapter, as a part of His plan. All because He loves us. Unconditionally. Amazingly. 💙 One of my favorite early years P&W choruses came to... Read more »

Pastor Appreciation Month

From a grateful Life PK. October is designated as Pastor (Clergy) Appreciation Month. I am eternally thankful to have been born and raised in a Pastor’s Home. Admittedly, it was difficult for me for the first part of my life as I was always measuring up my Pastors to my extraordinary Dad. I knew the… Read more »

Old Friends

I had the best lunch ‘date’ earlier today (well, now yesterday) with our beloved Kat Joyner & Beth Crigler–it had been several years since I had seen Kat (before COVID..) We had the BEST time–just about everyone coming in to Fork & Plough knew them so I enjoyed her seeing and meeting their friends. She… Read more »

It Is Well

‘Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say: It is well, it is well with my soul.’

Finish Well

‘There’s no truth in saying We’ve seen our better days. These are the days to be courageous Bold and full of faith. So wherever He may lead us Whatever it may cost Let the Church arise and lift The banner of the cross. Finish well Every day that we are given Finish well For the… Read more »

I’m Gonna Make It

‘In spite of the good intentions I’ve had Sometimes my strength can fail, though I have tried. The very best that I could, my weaknesses prevailed But then I remember the promise He made, that in my weakness He is strong and that’s when I know whatever may come His steady hand will lead me… Read more »

Are You Standing at a Crossroads

‘Are you standing At a crossroad Wondering which road you should take; And you’re dreading The decision And a possible mistake; But the will of God won’t lead you Where the grace of God can’t keep you You will never be out of His care Remember that the Lord’s already there; Wherever you are Wherever… Read more »

Sunrises & Faith

There are some days that will be in our life path that will seem like we are deep in a thick forest just waiting. Then the sun comes up and there is a pathway out to a road we couldn’t see through the dense trials we surrounded by. We cling to what is familiar often–I… Read more »

You Raise Me Up

‘When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary When troubles come and my heart burdened be. Then, I am still and wait here in the silence Until You come and sit awhile with me. You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas…. Read more »

Just Breathe

‘This is the air I breathe This is the air I breathe Your holy presence living in me. This is my daily bread. This is my daily bread. Your very word spoken to me. And I’m, I’m desperate for You And I’m, I’m lost without You.’ – MWS

Lift My Eyes

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip— He who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord watches… Read more »

Child of God

Prayer for the day. Dear Lord, I thank You that when my soul cried out for forgiveness and love, You were there. Always. Today help me to live as Your child should. #ItIsWell #childofGod

He Is Here

‘I searched for peace among the shadows dark and lonely. Gave up on finding that strong and lasting love. I tasted all the things that sin could think to offer me. But today I feast on manna from above. He is here, hallelujah. He is here, amen. He is here, holy, holy. I will bless… Read more »

The Life of Jesus

Sharing from my devotional time this morning (Mark Chapter 3) where Jesus enters the synagogue and sees a man with a shriveled hand. He tells the man to “stretch out his hand” and upon doing so, he’s healed. Jesus commands the man ” Stretch out your hand” – this would be really cruel if Jesus… Read more »

I’ll See You Do It Again

‘… Your promise still stands Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness. I’m still in Your hands This is my confidence. You’ve never failed me yet. … I know the night won’t last Your word will come to pass My heart will sing Your praise again. … Jesus You’re still enough Keep me within Your love, oh… Read more »

I’ll Pray For You

For some beloved Friends this afternoon. #PrayersGoingUp ‘I’ve been there right where you are, Heart so broken, God seems so far. Sleep won’t come and tears won’t quit Can you remember, I won’t forget. When you can’t think, you can’t even pray Please hear me when I say. You may not have the words, but… Read more »

It Will Never Break

‘Everyday an unrest; an unraveling. “The lines of purpose in your lives never grow slack, tightly tied as they are to your future in Heaven, kept taut by Hope.” Far beyond this thread baring culture and world we live is the only One who draws a Holy line in the sand. It will never move…. Read more »

Grace & Mercy

“Let us have confidence, then, and approach God’s throne, where there is grace. There we will receive mercy and find grace to help us just when we need it.” –Hebrews 4:16 Grace & Mercy – Just when we need it. Have a terrific Thursday everyone.

He Grew The Tree

A Redemptive Wednesday morning love message for all of us. “.. Nothing took His life With love He gave it He was crucified On a tree that He created With great love for man God gave with His plan He grew the tree So that we might go free..”

God Gives The Song

Earlier last week, I took a late morning drive up to Mother & Dad’s grave site @ Roanoke to change out to Fall flowers. The drive down Belle Shoals Rd. is so familiar–the elegant ‘estate’ homes of Sangamo, Singer execs and Dwight Holder were the ‘WOW!’ factors of my early childhood–now there are added beautiful… Read more »

I WIll Sing

A Thankful Thursday. ‘All my life You have been faithful And all my life You have been so, so good. With every breath that I am able I’m gonna sing of the goodness of God.’ – CeCe Winans

My Piano Life

Rear View Mirror circa@ 1960. The stories I have been told from my early childhood and notes in Mother’s Journal all say it happened as early as 2-3 years old. I still can’t explain how or the logistics of my piano playing–all by ear, can’t read a lick :)–in my early years the best music… Read more »

All I Have Needed

‘Morning by morning new mercies I see. ALL I have needed, Thy Hand Hath Provided. GREAT is Thy Faithfulness…’

Follow a Leader

Leadership has nothing to do with your social status, your bank account, or where you reside. It’s all about one life inspiring and motivating another to become the very best version of themselves. Leadership has precious little to do with authority, management acumen, or even being in charge. Leadership is all about people inspiring people… Read more »

Giving Back

IT’S YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Beginning this Fall, each fiscal quarter we will be offering a locally (Greater Greenville / Upstate SC) based non-profit that serves our community with what we do best – our creative expertise, a custom website, digital marketing & web hosting package– at absolutely NO COST to them. We… Read more »

He Will Make a Way

‘God will make a way Where there seems to be no way He works in ways we cannot see He will make a way for me. He will be my guide Hold me closely to His side. With love and strength for each new day He will make a way. He will make a way.’… Read more »

Some Days

Some days are hard. If, like me you feel weary and worn out at times…we have this AMAZING invitation from Jesus. [28] Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. [29] Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in… Read more »

Not on My Watch

‘When you walk through a storm Hold your head up high And don’t be afraid Of the dark. At the end of a storm Is a golden sky And the sweet silver song Of a lark. Walk on through the wind Walk on through the rain Though your dreams be tossed And blown. Walk on,… Read more »

Sinner Saved By Grace

One of my favorite (of so many) Gaither lyrics–have you ever had those hymns or songs that narrate a part of ‘your’ story? This one does for me. Loved & Forgiven. Backed with a Living. Just a Sinner. Saved by Grace. Have a wonderfully blessed Wednesday everyone. ‘If you could see What I once was… Read more »

Countdown is On

Countdown is on. Game Day Saturday ‘Rules’ @ West Court. It is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Of note: Post Early Church Sunday ‘Rules’ will also be in effect if Jags or Raiders are on– #TLawrence16 and #HRenfrow13. Enough said. 🙂 #ALLIN

Hymn of Heaven

HYMN OF HEAVEN ‘How I long to breathe the air of Heaven Where pain is gone and mercy fills the streets To look upon the One who bled to save me And walk with Him for all eternity. There will be a day when all will bow before Him There will be a day when… Read more »

Without Him

Originally written by Mylon Lefevre in 1963 (he was 17 years old at the time) and recorded by Elvis Presley in 1967–a southern gospel classic. ‘Without Him, how lost I would be’. #gratefulthankfulblessed ‘Without Him, I could do nothing Without Him, I’d surely fail. Without Him, I would be drifting Like a ship without a… Read more »

Twice A Child

— TWICE A CHILD — ‘Counting only the days Never thinking of the weeks. Jumping ditches and climbing trees Drinking water from a spigot Making tents under the kitchen table. Hanging out with friends Forgetting the day has to end. Never wearing fancy clothes No need for the latest trend. Never thinking of money Never… Read more »

Pardoned by Grace

On this early Sunday morning – outstanding lyrics from Joel Lindsey in a vintage Perry’s classic. From a grateful, undeserving Child of God this morning–Calvary Answers For Me. Love you all. Have a wonderful Sunday. ‘I am now under That beautiful wonder of Grace That erased all my past. I feel the heartbeat of Mercy… Read more »

Amazing Grace

Amazing. Amazing Grace. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.

Making a Difference

A throwback Thursday to a a Ronnie Milsap / BJ Thomas inspirational dual release back in 1977. ‘What a difference You’ve made in my life What a difference You’ve made in my life; You’re my sunshine, day and night Oh, what a difference You’ve made in my life. What a change You have made in… Read more »

A Thankful Thursday

A Thankful Thursday. ‘I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus Since I found in Him a friend so kind and true. I would tell you how He changed my life completely He did something that no other One could do. No one ever cared for me like Jesus There’s no other… Read more »

10,000 Reasons

‘The sun comes up It’s a new day dawning It’s time to sing Your song again Whatever may pass. And whatever lies before me Let me be singing When the evening comes. Bless the Lord oh my soul Worship His Holy name. Sing like never before Oh my soul I’ll worship Your Holy name.’ 10,000… Read more »

True and Loyal Friends

A tried and true Friend is one who has your back, strengthens you with prayers, blesses you with love, encourages you with hope, inspires you with joy and walks along right beside side you through sunshine and rain. Hold a true Friend with both your hands and your heart. Always.

Goodness of God

‘I love You, Lord For Your mercy never fails me. All my days, I’ve been held in Your hands From the moment that I wake up Until I lay my head. Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God And all my life You have been faithful And all my life You have been… Read more »

Sunday Family Dinners

If there’s one thing I always warmly remember from my early childhood it was our big family Sunday dinners @ MeMaw Looper's. For the first few years of my life very early on Sunday morning (we lived right down the cow pastured hill from her and Grandpa and right beside D.E. Looper Grocery) - I... Read more »


Those who know Mom will recognize her Study Bible / Church Bible with her hand written notes on each page. I read a chapter (and her notes) each morning before I start my work day – this morning in Romans 9. Just an incredible Legacy she left with me and the notes…many days feel written… Read more »

Storm Prep

‘God will make a way Where there seems to be no way. He works in ways we cannot see He will make a way for me. He will be my guide Hold me closely to His side. With love and strength for each new day He will make a way, He will make a way.’… Read more »

Choose Joy

Headed out for a sunset view stroll in The Neighborhood @ West Court. A prayer to share with you before I go. #choosejoy May you follow Jesus to the edges of your comfort zone this day to get a glimpse of where He’s taking you. May faith arise within you, and hope fill your heart…. Read more »


Early before sunrise Wisdom words for this Wednesday. Make it a great day. ‘If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.’ – Colin Powell – 1937-2021 – Former United States National Security Advisor

Fueled by Jesus and Coffee

Wrapping up a busy work day here @ West Court – early rise using my rear view mirror headed out to meetings before sunrise, fueled by Jesus and Coffee–mostly Jesus. Rest well Friends. God loves you and so do I. #gratefuleveryday

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is very much quite awesome. I fret about the over-development, traffic, parking & infrastructure to handle all of it, but just blessed & grateful to be here today @ my office/home/abode, an amazing birds eye view and so much light from my perch @ West Court. My safe and vigilant night strolls are… Read more »

Above All

‘Above all powers Above all kings Above all nature and all created things Above all wisdom and all the ways of man You were here before the world began. Above all kingdoms Above all thrones Above all wonders the world has ever known Above all wealth and treasures of the earth There’s no way to… Read more »

29 Days & Counting

29 days and counting. It IS the most wonderful time of the year. #ALLIN2022

Rear View Mirror

90 days in my rear view mirror. I remember getting back home from the ER--I don't remember how I got to my parking spot--I had driven myself home in a daze-- but I sat on the bench @ the outside door in tears trying to remember my access code. My cell phone was dead. I... Read more »


‘I still love to hear how God’s love paid the cost As passion was fastened by nails to a cross. I still love the sound as the saints start to sing Songs of the blood Jesus shed just for me. I still love an altar where broken ones pray And find what is found in… Read more »

As Time Goes By

As time goes by, You will let the simple things become the big, And you will allow the big things to become the simple, And that adjustment will be, The day you really start to live, Let it be. As time goes by, You will be forced to say goodbye many times, And your soft… Read more »

He’ll Find A Way

A Sunday morning with one of Babbie Mason’s best lyrics. ‘At times the road is heavy At times the road is long When circumstances come your way And you think you can’t go on. When your feeling at weakest Jesus will be strong. He’ll provide the answer When you found all hope is gone. He’ll find a way, oh,… Read more »

Saturday Night Creative Inspiration

A working Saturday night creative inspiration @ West Court by GVB. ‘… ‘Twas a life filled with aimless desperation Without hope walked the shell of a man; Then a hand with a nail print stretched downward, Just one touch then a new life began. … And the old rugged cross made the difference In a… Read more »

Twenty Years From Now

Have to share a chuckle from earlier today. Was waiting on a to go order @ Fried Green Tomatoes after one of my meetings outside the office and one of my Greenville based web competitors popped down beside me. Exchanged pleasantries–then ‘popped’ the question I get asked a lot in my arena. “OK. Straight up…. Read more »

Friend of a Wounded Heart

A Throwback Thursday back to 1987–‘All the love you’re longing for is Jesus, the Friend of a wounded heart.’ Have a blessed day everyone. ‘Joy comes like the the morning And hope deepens as you grow And peace, beyond the reaches of your soul Comes blowing through you, for love has made you whole Once… Read more »

Jesus Is…

‘Jesus is all the world to me, My life, my joy, my all; He is my strength from day to day, Without Him I would fall: When I am sad, to Him I go, No other one can cheer me so; When I am sad, He makes me glad, He’s my friend.’ Will Thompson The… Read more »

He Sets Free

‘I’m free from the fear of tomorrow, I’m free from the guilt of the past, For I’ve traded my shackles for a glorious song, I’m Free! Praise the Lord! Free at last!’ – Gaither

The River

‘You know a dream is like a river Ever changin’ as it flows And a dreamer’s just a vessel That must follow where it goes Trying to learn from what’s behind you And never knowing what’s in store Makes each day a constant battle Just to stay between the shores…and I will sail my vessel… Read more »


'This is how I fight my battles. It may look like I'm surrounded But I'm surrounded by You.' Michael W. Smith Those days (and nights) that we feel 'smothered' in--overwhelmed with pain, fear, grief and doubt--when the Adversary has thrown everything at us, every fiery dart relentlessly that seem to pierce our very soul(s). THERE... Read more »

The Dance

Early morning reflection. These past few years, months, weeks & just days within my Circle of life friends & clients, so many have lost beloveds–spouses, parents, brothers/sisters, children, grandchildren. Maybe it is just the age I am now @ 64 gratefully spanning many generations – and I know a lot of people from my PK… Read more »

A Friend

..a friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17  


‘Till the storm passes over, till the thunder sounds no more, Till the clouds roll forever from the sky; Hold me fast, let me stand in the hollow of Thy hand, Keep me safe till the storm passes by.’ Mosie Lister (1958)

Love Can Build a Bridge

‘I would whisper love so loudly Every heart could understand That love and only love Can join the tribes of man. I would give my heart’s desire So that you might see The first step is to realize That it all begins with you and me. Love can build a bridge…’ Naomi Judd

He Walks with Me

‘And He walks with me And He talks with me And He tells me I am His own. And the joy we share as we tarry there None other has ever known.’ C. Austin Miles (1912)

This is the Promise

‘I never said that I would give you silver or gold Or that you would never feel the fire or shiver in the cold. But I did say you’d never walk through this world alone And I did say, don’t make this world your home. I never said that fear wouldn’t find you in the… Read more »

Retrospective Throwback Thursday

A retrospective yet heartbreaking Throwback Thursday to my early years during Dad’s pastorates at Roanoke & Morningside. There is not a childhood summer memory @ Roanoke without weeks at Camp Joy and annual Mission & Bible Conferences at the former Highland Park BC/Chattanooga TN–actually worked a summer as a Cabin #1 counselor when I was… Read more »

More Than Conquerors

28.  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purpose.

Love Has A Name

‘If anybody knows about the love of Jesus I do, yes, I do.’ Loving us amazingly above that we deserve. Have a blessed weekend everyone. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9 #LovingGod #WeNotMe

God Bless America

The definition of a “patriot” is: a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. I love my country and I am ever so grateful for the men and women who have given their lives for the freedom and liberty we enjoy today. We live in the best… Read more »

The Story

Creative Inspiration this early morning back to 1866 and a classic Hymn of the church. Have a blessed Wednesday everyone! ‘I love to tell the story of unseen things above, Of Jesus and His glory, of Jesus and His love; I love to tell the story, because I know ’tis true, It satisfies my longings… Read more »


‘In my own suffering Through every pain every tear There’s a God who’s been faithful to me. When my strength was all gone When my heart had no song Still in love He’s proved faithful to me. Every word He’s promised is true What I thought was impossible I’ve seen my God do. He’s been… Read more »

More Than Enough

Early AM inspiration by Brooklyn Tab Live. Grateful for small progress each day. God is Faithful. Jehovah Jireh, my Provider You’re more than enough for me. Jehovah Rapha, You’re my Healer For by Your stripes, I have been set free. Jehovah Shamma, You are with me And You supply all of my needs. You are… Read more »


It’s 5:55A on the 35th day of this journey–and some normalcy is back. Slept best last night in weeks – two long segments of 4+ hours of restful sleep (not naps) that were a needed blessing–which I had not had even back weeks before the move. In the rear view mirror–pushing one’s self beyond exhaustion… Read more »

If It Had Not Been

‘.. He let the sun shine through a cloudy day. Oh, He wrapped me in the cradle of His arms When He knew I’d been battered and torn. If it had not been for the Lord on my side Where would I be? Where would I be?’

Amazing. Grace.

‘T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far And Grace will lead us Home.’   Unmerited. Matchless. Amazing. Grace.

When You Rise in the Morning

When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength.  –

Strong Shoes

Movers here in a few hours/Spectrum this afternoon; going to need to lace up some ‘strong shoes’ today.

He Knows My Name

Our All Seeing, All Hearing, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, All Knowing Heavenly Father – we are never insignificant. Every step. Every move. Every tear. Every prayer. Every worry. Every pain. HE KNOWS OUR NAME. Be encouraged today. God’s got this – and He has us. Together. #LoveWins

Find Another Way

‘Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. And don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines.’ –Leroy Satchel Paige

He Moved Them

Not so ironically came in my memories feed this morning–letting go of ‘pieces’ of my surroundings for the past 5+ years yesterday was harder than I thought it would be. But things (they) are just things. So the message is for me this morning – He moved them. Have a blessed Sunday everyone. Batten down… Read more »

Good Morning Greenville!

‘Lord, I will lift my eyes to the hills Knowing my help is coming from You Your peace You give me in time of the storm You are the source of my strength You are the strength of my life I lift my hands in total praise to You.’ Good morning Greenville! Yep–it’s 3:30. Thanking… Read more »

The Old Will Become New

It’s getting real – the move upstairs is in countdown mode. Absolutely loved working and living in this space for 5+ years–those who have graced #00 at an event, a meeting, a holiday meal or a game night got to feel first hand just how special this space has been for my business and for… Read more »

Always Have. Always Will.

A Don Moen classic on repeat from 1987 that became an early standard in Praise & Worship closing out a busy work day/now morning here @ West Court. Praying for many this night. God ALWAYS has a Plan–working in ways we cannot see. He will make a Way. Every Time. And in His Time. Night,… Read more »

Sufficient Grace. Every Time.

‘I never said that fear wouldn’t find you in the night Or that loneliness was something you’d never have to fight. But I did say I’d be right there by your side And I did say I’ll always help you fight. ‘Cause you know I made a Promise that I intend to keep My Grace… Read more »

Even on a Tuesday

Be still, even on a Tuesday and KNOW He is God. #BeEncouragedToday #eventhesparrows #forevergrateful

In the Stillness

‘When the mist rises and the winds quieten, There in the stillness as the dawn cradles your soul, Stirring you to walk in dew-laden fields, There I will greet you in the center of your being, To awaken you, and to walk with you In the splendor of light that has always been your home.’… Read more »

It Is Finished

‘Then I heard that the King of the ages Had fought all my battles for me. And victory was mine for the claiming And now praise His name, I am free. It is finished, the battle is over It is finished, there’ll be no more war. It is finished, the end of the conflict It… Read more »

Even the Sparrows

The humbling thought that a Savior looked ahead thousands of years in time and looked beyond every one of my failures, my faults and my falling soul and saw me. ‘I shall forever lift my eyes to Calvary To view the cross where Jesus died for me’ And how marvelous the grace that caught my… Read more »

Bending Low and Serving

On this Maundy Thursday, may we pause to reflect on the unsurpassing humility of Christ who knelt to wash His disciples feet. If there was Anyone in human history who had the right to say, “This is not my job” it was Him. I pray that as we quiet our hearts and remember, we would… Read more »

Had It Not Been

‘Just suppose God searched through Heaven, And couldn’t find one willing to be, The supreme sacrifice that was needed, That would buy eternal life for you and me. Had it not been for a place called Mount Calvary, Had it not been for the old rugged cross, Had it not been for a man called… Read more »

Living, He Loved Me.

Living, He loved me Dying, He saved me Buried, He carried my sins far away Rising, He justified freely forever One day He’s coming Oh glorious day!

I Know

The very same God that spins the world in orbit Runs to the weary, the worn and the weak. And the same gentle Hands that hold me when I’m broken They conquered death to bring me victory. Now, I know my Redeemer lives…’ – Nicole C. Mullen   In a day and time where so… Read more »

The Unseen Hand

A respite and brisk Sunday Morning Sunrise @ Pretty Place; two packed services in Mills River with so very talented Friends Mike & Mandy McNeil--pulled out some tracks we trio'd together many years back including this classic. It felt incredible to be out singing again--it's been too long. And getting to play a vintage 1932... Read more »

Palm Sunday 2022

‘Your grace, it changed my life Your love, included me Your mercy heard my plea From death You pardoned me Your Grace it overflows Your joy renews my strength My despair gives way to Hope Through Your power that sets me free So I say… Jesus, I give You praise For the things You have… Read more »


For some beloved life Friends tonight. I know your storms seem relentless – my prayers that you feel His Peace this very night – ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.’ John 14:27 ‘There’s never been another Man With the power of this Friend. By simply saying, “Peace, be still”… Read more »

The Greatest Man in History

A Thankful Thursday. The Greatest Man in history, had no servants, yet they called him Master. He had no degree, yet they called him Teacher. He had no medicines, yet they called him Healer. He had no army, yet kings feared Him. He won no military battles, yet He conquered the world. He committed no… Read more »

I Did This For You

‘The fairest of angels were not summoned from the throne up in the sky To purchase my pardon and not even the angels could die. The only provision for my freedom was destined to be The sweet Lamb of Glory, and His only reason was me. I was the reason, that one earthly reason; I… Read more »

Two or Three

‘Where two or three are gathered in His name When two are three are praying, things will change. Situations turn around As we pray heaven down. God’s still answers If there’s only two or three.;   In the past months – countless nights on my knees agreeing with one or two of my friends and… Read more »


‘It seems like the noise of this world is louder than i can ever remember. I find myself closing my eyes more and listening for that Voice. that still small Voice. It’s like being on a mountaintop and taking a deep breath— cleansing my soul from the discourse, delusions, devisiveness, and deconstructions. “In Me you… Read more »

That’s the God I know

A working Sunday Night creative audio inspiration @ West Court by The Erwins–a great family group of PK’s from Texas. He holds you safely in His arms and He won’t let go. THAT’S THE GOD I KNOW. Heading to the prayer closet later for many tonight…God’s got this; and He has you. Love you Friends…. Read more »

Every Morning

Every morning lean your arms awhile upon the window sill of Heaven and gaze upon the Lord. Then with the vision in your heart, turn strong to meet your day ~~Thomas Blake (1757-1827) Be encouraged today Friends. Do good for others. It will come back in unexpected ways. Have a great Saturday! #LoveWins

8030 Days

8,030 DAYS. 192,720 HOURS. 11,563,200 MINUTES. 693,379,200 SECONDS. At today’s end, our first 22 years in business makes it mark in time. Looking back, it seems like a blink – admittedly some days brought some anxiety but WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY RIDE! God is Amazing. Not only did He bless me with this business; but a… Read more »

Saved by Grace

Creative inspiration this cloudy Workin’ Wednesday morning @ West Court by Triumphant. It’s not what I deserve, but I am Saved by Grace. Have a blessed day everyone. ‘I was alone in the darkness I could not find my way. But then Jesus shined a light on me And He turned all my night to… Read more »

But God.

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. Psalm 73:26

Eagles Wings

§ He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, BUT those who WAIT on the Lord shall RENEW their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and… Read more »


STORMS.  When a storm makes a home in our body and washes over our mind — an unwanted guest comes with uncertainty and worry entwined. When the days are challenging and the nights are long. When the surge of emotions are overwhelming and we’re unsure which of them belong. It’s okay to grieve a thousand… Read more »

A Spark

Sometimes life is just hard, but hard does not mean impossible. There will be times when we will break, but it does not mean we are broken. It is in those times we find our inner strength and let it light the fire in us. Remember that we do not need a giant flame to… Read more »

A Grateful Monday

‘I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus, Since I found in Him a friend so strong and true. I would tell you how He changed my life completely; He did something no other friend could do. No one ever cared for me like Jesus; There’s no other friend so kind as… Read more »

Trusting God

This chorus dating back to my treasured Morningside youth group years in the early/mid 70’s–woke up this morning resonating in my heart. Hope it blesses you as well. ‘I Just Keep Trusting My Lord As I Walk Along, I Just Keep Trusting My Lord As He Gives Me A Song. Those Storm Clouds Darken The… Read more »


This life quote always amazes me because of the author— “You have set yourselves a difficult task, but you will SUCCEED if you PERSEVERE; and you will have a joy in overcoming obstacles – delight in climbing rugged paths which you would perhaps never know if you did not sometimes slip backward, if the road… Read more »

Early Morning Serenity

Early morning serenity @ Falls Park in The Neighborhood. Have a blessed Friday and safe weekend everyone.

Christ Beside Me

“Christ be within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me, Christ beside me, Christ to win me, Christ to comfort and restore me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ inquired, Christ in danger, Christ in hearts of all that love me, Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.” – St. Patrick of Ireland

His Time. His Will. His Glory.

A Wednesday Morning Blessing: May we sense God’s invitation to believe Him for something more, something greater, something deeper this day. He holds out His hand to us and bids us to walk on the water with Him, to trust Him for what breaks our hearts, and to believe that some of those dreams in… Read more »

Total Praise

‘Lord, I will lift mine eyes to the hills Knowing my help is coming from You. Your peace, You give me in time of the storm. You are the Source of my strength. You are the Strength of my life. I lift my hands in total praise to You. ‘ – Richard Smallwood / Psalm… Read more »

22 Years

April 1, 2022. Celebrating Twenty-Two (22) Years of the ‘Not just simple, Simply Brilliant’ journey of Carolina Creative. God has been good in my life–blessed more than anything I deserve. I am eternally #thankfulgratefulblessed2022

Six Months

What a difference six (6) months make. 9/8/21 – Blood Sugar 458 A1C 14.6 3/11/22- Blood Sugar 89; A1C 6.3 And 60+ lbs. to the curb. Thank you Lord for the courage and the wake up call. #eternallygrateful

Just One

No matter what we face this day–it takes only one move from God. JUST ONE. Have a blessed Friday everyone!


We never know what someone may be quietly going through. Always encourage. Always choose kindness. Always.

The Cross

“No matter the bumps, no matter the bruises, no matter the scars, still the truth is the cross has made, the cross has made you flawless.” – MercyMe


Storms. A thankful rainy morning @ West Court. #throughitall   ‘I thank God for the mountains, and I thank Him for the valleys, I thank Him for the storms He brought me through. For if I’d never had a problem, I wouldn’t know God could solve them, I’d never know what faith in God could… Read more »

Morning by Morning

‘Morning by morning new mercies I see All I have needed Thy hand hath provided Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.’

Night Prayer

‘I clothe myself with You this night And hold You in my heart, As you attend to all I love The world and every part. Attend the sick, the frail, the dying Bless the ones they love, And hold us all within Your arms God bless us, everyone.’

Through Thick & Thin

LIFE FRIENDS. Everyone needs them — you know, the ones who has been there through it all. The ones who has been there through the laughs, cries and everything in between. The ones that take bad days and turn them into better nights. The ones that help put back the pieces. The ones that always… Read more »

Wings of Hope

United in prayer for the Ukraine, for our world and each other. Remembered best from the late great Ethel Waters–prayerful encouragement for us all today and hope for our brothers and sisters in peril.


OK. I don’t have all this figured out. All I know is He does. Luke 12:25-26 says, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very thing, why do you worry about the rest?”   The beloved Corrie Ten Boom told the story of how… Read more »

Day by Day

One of those ‘toss & turn’ restless nights here @ West Court. The Neighborhood is strangely peacefully quiet this night–very little traffic, sirens. My thoughts go to the inspiring and brave souls in the Ukraine and what they would give for night like this. Bless them tonight and keep them safe… Admittedly, I have learned… Read more »

God is in Control

God is good. God is faithful. God is in control. ‘Your love is so much stronger Than whatever troubles me. Sometimes it takes a mountain To trust You and believe.’ – Gaither

United in Prayer for Ukraine

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

That’s the God I know

‘The One I know will go, to the darkest place to reach you No matter how far, He ll come to where you are to meet you. The One I know will stay when others go away and leave you If you think that God is far away and cold, that s not the God… Read more »

The Lighthouse

Wrapping up a working Wednesday with Vintage Original Hinson Family vinyl tonight @ West Court–Live from Fresno (John Baker will remember from our Gospeltones days in the early 70’s–we about wore this double album out). Ronny Hinson classic lyrics that are timeless– ‘And I thank God for the Lighthouse I owe my life to Him… Read more »

Anxious for Nothing

Amazing read from early this morning–highly recommend the Max Lucado book ‘Anxious for Nothing’. A snippet below–Friends, it will encourage your heart. One of the best lines.. ‘I can’t change tomorrow until tomorrow. Today, I will live today.’


‘Simply trusting every day, Trusting through a stormy way; Even when my faith is small, Trusting Jesus, that is all.   Refrain: Trusting as the moments fly, Trusting as the days go by; Trusting Him whate’er befall, Trusting Jesus, that is all.’ – Edgar Page (1876)

Counting Blessings

On this sunny Thankful Tuesday, a classic hymn of the church dating back to 1897. Have a blessed day everyone and do some ‘counting’ today–the blessings will far outnumber the ‘billows’. When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed, When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost, Count your many blessings, name them one by… Read more »

What Kind of Man

Wrapping up a Monday work night here @ West Court; L5 on surround for creative inspiration. One of my favorite lyrics on repeat…   ‘What kind of Man pours out His mercy On someone who stumbles and falls. With no way to earn it, no way to deserve it Forgiveness still came after all. What… Read more »

Today is a Gift

Today is a good day to be kind, to be brave, to see the good, to live with empathy; to be grateful, to let go, to help others, to be generous; to live with grace and to care. Today is a gift.

A Sunday Afternoon Drive

Retrospecting Inspiration on a beautiful afternoon drive up Highway 11/Cliffs @ Glassy after church today to some southern gospel quartet classics. Penned by the late Savana Foust–one of her best. My favorite lyric – ‘I was in darkness until Jesus found me. And when He touched me, I now am Free. I’m free.’ #sunshineinmysoultoday ‘Somebody… Read more »

It Won’t Rain Always

‘Someone said that in each life some rain is bound to fall And each one sheds his share of tears And trouble troubles us all. But the hurt can’t hurt forever And the tears are sure to dry. And it won’t rain always The clouds will soon be gone. The sun that they’ve been hiding… Read more »

Making All Things New

‘O to grace, how great a debtor Jesus saves, Jesus saves. All the saints who shout together Jesus saves, Jesus saves. Rising up so vast and strong Lifting up salvation’s song; The redeemed will sing forever Jesus saves. Freedom’s calling, chains are falling Hope is dawning bright and true Day is breaking, night is quaking… Read more »

Eyes on Jesus

Don’t get stuck trying to fix everything. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Hebrews 12:2 ‘So no matter what you’re facing. No matter where you’ve been; In hard times or in good times keep your eyes on Him, So be strong and take courage when you think you’re gonna fall ’cause right in the middle of… Read more »

He’ll Find A Way

Wrapping up a wet & stormy Thursday night @ West Court prepping for meetings tomorrow. One of my favorites, the extraordinary Babbie Mason tonight for creative inspiration. Praying for many. Love for all. Rest well, Friends. He’ll find a way.   ‘And at times your heart is breaking With a pain that’s so intense And… Read more »

Just Smile.

Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though it’s breaking When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by. If you smile through your fear and sorrow Smile and maybe tomorrow You’ll see the sun come shining through for you. Light up your face with gladness Hide every trace of sadness Although a… Read more »

Write It On Your Heart

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. He is rich who owns the day, and no one owns the day who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety. Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and… Read more »

My Job To Love

Dr. Billy Graham said it best, “It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict. God’s job to judge. And my job to love.” “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. You discern my going out and my lying… Read more »

Be That Thread

So many people are hanging on  by the thinnest of threads.  Treat people well.  We could just be that thread. tobymac #speaklife

How Long Has It Been?

A Mosie Lister classic dating back to 1956–and a probing Monday morning question for us all–How long has it been? ‘How long has it been since you knelt by your bed and prayed to the Lord up in Heaven? How long since you knew that He’d answer you And would keep you the long night… Read more »

Unmerited Favor

Being a life ‘P.K.’ (and awesomely proud still to be my Dad and Mother’s baby Son of a Preacher Man..) you realize early on that ‘Ministry’ is a calling well beyond the pulpit or a church building. Our ministry is our day to day lives that impact every person we meet or interact with. I… Read more »

1916 Inspiration

Wrapping up a work Tuesday–now Wednesday wee hours @ West Court; needed some ‘soul’ inspiration earlier and as I often do, I pulled out one of Dad’s vintage revival cassettes from the late 60’s; choir was singing this beloved hymn with a couple of repeats. It was one of his favorites and a little shoutin’… Read more »

Give Us this Day

9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 11 Give us this day our daily bread. 12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. 13 And lead us… Read more »

Wrapping up a Saturday

Wrapping up a chilly Saturday work day & early evening @ West Court. NFL Playoffs – a really good Bengals/Titans game on multiple screens; Packers and 49ers later tonight. Prayers for many tonight–a heavy heart for several in my Circle. God knows each need. One of my favorite hymn classics–I had it on repeat earlier… Read more »

A Leaning Friday

‘When I can’t stand, I have to lean. And when I can’t see I must believe.’ Decades of incredible lyrics from the late Kyla Rowland that bless my life–maybe yours as well. A ‘leaning’ Friday @ West Court. ‘He is the Fountain for a thirsty soul He is the Healer and so much more. When… Read more »

Forgiven Again

Wrapping up a long work day @ West Court. Bible study tonight before bed focuses on being forgiven. A favorite Gaither lyric below – ‘ There’s a way you can know that where ever you’ve been, you can make it HOME and be forgiven again.’ Amen. And Amen. Have a good night’s rest everyone. ‘The… Read more »

Early Mornings @ West Court

Early morning vintage Russ Taff & The Imperials on surround @ West Court. Have a blessed day everyone.   ‘Praise the Lord, He will work through those who praise Him Praise the Lord, for our God inhabits praise Praise the Lord, for the chains that seem to bind you Serve only to remind you, that… Read more »

Love & Faithfulness

Wrapping up a little early tonight– car is loaded with pickups earlier today with prescription & grocery deliveries and doing love checks on some of our beloved shut-in Senior Saints–a couple of them were headed out earlier today I gently talked/bribed them out of it as there is still ice prevalent on sidewalks parking areas…. Read more »

Hold On

‘When there’s no step left to take. No moves left to make. Oppressing fears, tormenting doubts, Prayer after prayer, still there is no way out. And it seems like pain is all you gain.   Hold on, hold on. Through every storm, hold on. Even in the darkest night, Walk by Faith not sight. Hold… Read more »

The Applause of Heaven

On last Saturday afternoon before our Snow Saga, I was asked by a lifelong family friend back to my Dacusville years to participate at a Celebration of Life service for their family matriarch who had passed several weeks ago with COVID complications. When I arrived – come to find out that the minister was not… Read more »

LOVE in Any Language

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. LOVE in any language Straight from the heart Pulls us all together Never apart. And once we learn to speak it All the world will hear LOVE in any language… Read more »

The Greatest of These

13 And now abides faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.


For a Friend tonight–just maybe for you as well.. Sometimes life is just hard, but hard does not mean impossible. There will be times you will break, but it does not mean you are broken. Find your inner strength and let it light the fire inside you. Remember that you don’t need a giant flame… Read more »

Just Come Home

Some days you just need to go on a Sunday drive–a ‘run away’ respite to clear your mind and your heart. After church this morning, I was in a retrospective heart and head space and headed toward Dacusville and my childhood ‘roots’. Very few remnants are left from the old family home place and Grandpa’s… Read more »


Two reminders on this brisk sunny Saturday in The Neighborhood. God is God over ALL things and He WILL have the victory. Psalm 3:8 #GOAT

Life’s Rear View Mirror

Life’s rear view mirror. Hearing this song earlier this morning took me back to 1983 when it was first released–and where my life was at. Looking back – even in the deepest, darkest of days of our life journey–Jesus Never Ever Fails. Never Has. Never Will. Period. ‘Jesus never fails. Jesus never fails. You might… Read more »

He Will Carry You

Wrapping up a chilly work night here @WestCourt in The Neighborhood. Praying for many tonight battling COVID, various serious health issues, and those grieving loss. One of my favorite Scott Wesley Brown songs from decades back – hope the lyrics will bless you and bring you comfort and rest this night. ‘There is no problem… Read more »


Today is known as Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, on the Christian calendar. It celebrates the wise men’s visit to Jesus—and their realization that the young boy was fully human and fully divine.

Strong Shoes for Strong Paths

Late work night @ West Court; vintage Kyla Rowland classic lyrics by Gold City on the Victrola. ‘When I can’t stand, I have to lean. And when I can’t see, I must believe. The Great Physician’s touch is a Balm that can mend broken hearts with One Scarred Hand.’ Praying for many tonight – broken,… Read more »

What if I Fly?

CIRCA January 2015 Shared with Your friends A new friend stopped by my office yesterday –her career and life in general at a crossroads that we all have faced…”What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” I was able to share with her my prodigal story circa 15 years back. It… Read more »

Our Compass

Praying for all those affected by the storms last night–a lot of trees down and power outages. Be patient and safe in your travels today. Early AM @WestCourt – Casting Crowns ‘Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth Would care to know my name Would care to feel my hurt Who am… Read more »

Moving Mountains

MOVING MOUNTAINS Whatever you do in life, DO NOT SETTLE. Do not settle for anything that dulls your spark or spirit. Do not settle for someone who only wants to have parts of you–there is no room for a partial or part-time commitment. Do not settle for a star when you deserve the galaxy. Trust… Read more »

Try a Little Kindness

‘If you see your brother standing by the road With a heavy load from the seeds he sowed And if you see your sister falling by the way Just stop and say, “You’re going the wrong way” You’ve got to try a little kindness Yes, show a little kindness Just shine your light for everyone… Read more »

1 January 2022

1 January 2022. Today isn’t just the beginning of a New Year..it’s the first day of the rest of your life. The opportunity to awaken from your slumber and choose to be who and what you are born to be and do. – Rory Feek. Amen. And Amen. (Drop the mic…). #hopefueled2022

Happy New Year!

“…And He walks with me and He talks with me And He tells me I am his own And the joy we share as we tarry there None other has ever known.” Just a thoughtful reminder journeying into 2022. Happy New Year Everyone!