Live Your Faith 2024

Under His Wings

My way was filled with danger, I felt alone. The enemy had singled me out to do me wrong, And when he drew near my heart filled with fear, Then I heard Someone dear calling me to His side. And I ran under His wings, There He covered me and now I can sing. And… Read more »

One Scarred Hand

The truly great song lyricists – they are actually master craftsmen of a ‘quilt’ of messaging – one of my favorites was the late Kyla Rowland. The chorus specifically has been the healing theme of this past week in my life – maybe for you as well. When I can’t stand–I have to lean… Prayers… Read more »

Who Am I?

Penned by the great late Rusty Goodman – for those days we maybe feel unworthy or unloved or forgotten – a classic. Monday Motivation. Indeed. ‘When I think of how He came so far from Glory, came and dwelt among the lowly such as I, To suffer shame and such disgrace on Mount Calvary take… Read more »