“Eyes on Me”

‘oh, i have had my seasons— of wandering, scrambling…lost. if it wasn’t for the goodness of God, the patience, the love— i would have drowned. “eyes on Me.” “eyes on Me.” He repeatedly said. sailors used the north star as a reference point— to find their way home. may you and i set our faces… Read more »

Talk to God

Wrapping up a steamy work day in and out of The Perch. A few thoughts for tonight. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple conversation with God. He’s not looking for fancy words or elaborate prayers. He just wants to hear from you, His beloved child. He’s always listening with an open heart. Prayers tonight… Read more »

Holy Forever

Friday morning creative inspiration @ The Perch by Chris Tomlin. Have a blessed day everyone. ‘If you’ve been forgiven and if you’ve been redeemed Sing the song forever to the Lamb If you walk in freedom and if you bear His name Sing the song forever to the Lamb We’ll sing the song forever and… Read more »

Faults, Failures and Forgiveness

We talked and prayed together about this at our Monday morning Prayer and Bible Study. Faults I have many. Failures, quite a few. Forgiving is all encompassing for us all. The only way to just let go and go on with life. Every day. Colossians 3:13

Twice a Child

— TWICE A CHILD — ‘Counting only the days Never thinking of the weeks. Jumping ditches and climbing trees Drinking water from a spigot Making tents under the kitchen table. Hanging out with friends Forgetting the day has to end. Never wearing fancy clothes No need for the latest trend. Never thinking of money Never… Read more »

When Prayers Come Hardest

When we are going through trials, discouragement–or maybe a day that everything seems to be going haywire–and we wonder all the why’s, if’s, when’s, where’s, how’s of how we are going to just make it through the day….admittedly, that is when prayers come hardest. Encouragement for today is to be thankful in all things–even the… Read more »

Do Not Be Surprised

“Do not be surprised…” I read it so many times in the scriptures— and yet admittedly, I am. I know you are, too. I pray for “a peace be still” for all of us and our loved ones, a grace to move through the days and His love to hold and keep us as He… Read more »

I Then Shall Live

A working Saturday morning @ The Perch – creative inspiration today by all things Gaither. One of my favorite Gloria lyrics. ‘I then shall live as one who’s been forgiven. I’ll walk with joy to know my debts are paid. I know my name is clear before my Father; I am His child and I… Read more »

An Amazing Day

What turns a simple day into an amazing day is what we do with the little details… Have an AMAZING Friday everyone.