Fathers Day 2019

Fathers Day 2019. My first vivid memories as your son were traveling with you at revival services my entire childhood–you would work @ Sangamo all day–I would jump in the car with you each and every night so I could sing the only one song I knew that Mother had taught me–then go down and lay down on the front pew and fall asleep. After the service, you would bundle me up, putting my head in your lap for our trip home. Little did I realize at the time, that would be ‘my’ time with you. As a lifetime PK, one of the toughest life lessons was sharing you with the World who needed and loved you as I did. Those week nights growing up, I treasure. Even after these 30+ years, there are days I just miss my Dad. I so regret the many times I failed and disappointed you–especially in my teen and adult life and choices that I made that broke your heart–please forgive me for at some points in my life not being the Man you raised me to be. I have to believe in my heart that God lets you and Mother see the good–especially these past 2 decades when I finally ‘got’ it and if just in some small way following the life example(s) you and Mom lived each day–God’s work in my heart and your influence on me wasn’t in vain. Each day, some small pieces of your (and Mother’s) Family Legacy of Love can live on through me and all the lives you touched in your Ministry. I love you, Dad. See you soon.