A Few Good Men

Remembering two generations of our Looper legacy this Father’s Day weekend – my Uncle Lloyd & my Dad AND my cousins Billy & Scott; each a devoted Father, Brother, Husband; each served our God faithfully with love and compassion and loved all of us immensely. Happy Heavenly Father’s Day to these four (4) Looper Legacy Warriors – with classic lyrics from GVB. You all set a standard for us to live and love beyond limits. See you soon.
‘What this dying world could use
Is a willing man of God
Who dares to go against the grain
And works without applause.
A man who’ll raise the shield of faith
Protecting what is pure
Whose love is tough and gentle
A man whose word is sure.
Men full of compassion
Who laugh and love and cry
Men who’ll face eternity
And aren’t afraid to die.
Men who’ll fight for freedom
And honor once again
He just needs a few good men.’ – Gaither