STORMS. 11 PM–Still hearing some ‘thunder boomers’ here in The Neighborhood–the Reedy will be thundering in the morning–I am staying put and will stroll down to the River St. bridge in the morning. Wrapping up a long but productive work day here @ West Court – several projects launching by 3/31 and early April – so humbly thankful and blessed. We begin our official 22nd year on Thursday – hard to fathom it’s been 21 years in our rear view mirror. 🙂 More on that next week.
A few thoughts to close out the night for all of us. When a storm makes a home in our body and washes over our mind — an unwanted guest comes with uncertainty and worry entwined. When the days are challenging and the nights are long. When the surge of emotions are overwhelming and we’re unsure which of them belong. It’s okay to grieve a thousand oceans while learning to swim. It’s okay to build one hundred mountains from the worries within.
For all that appears outside our control and all that remains restless inside our souls, light can still find us beyond what is seen. May we discover the pieces of light, the rays of hope, that gracefully shine from our Father. Hold fast to what brings warmth to our core — to the moments of joy that wrap us in peace. Tuck them inside our souls and let them remind us of all the fire that lives within us and it only needs a spark.
The sun disappears but always returns — a warmth that cannot always be seen, but is always there. Echoing in the sky, awaiting to rise — a forever light that breaks through — and that light is our Heavenly Father who loves us beyond any measure with His unmerited favor of Grace. Love you all. #JustOneSpark #RaysofHope