Great is Your Faithfulness

‘All I have needed Thine hand hath provided. Great is Thy Faithfulness; Lord unto Me.’ 1923 – Thomas Obediah Chisholm. Have a great Monday everyone! #ReKindle2019

Be Extra-ordinary.

Extra-ordinary. Not ordinary. Something extra. But how does extraordinary happen? Extraordinary starts with us—an ordinary person at an ordinary job doing ordinary things on an ordinary day. No special advantages. Just all-around “ordinary.” Then we decide to do something extra. To be something extra. Something a lot-a-bit extra. And not just one time. But day… Read more »

Life is about the People…

Life is about the People you meet and the life you create with them in it. One of the interesting aspects of living downtown is the People I get to meet just in my morning and afternoon walks–you know the look (especially from the exits of the River Street Garage)–most of the time it’s directions… Read more »

Because that’s what Love does

He went from commanding angels to sleeping in straw. From holding starts to clutching Mary’s finger. The palm that held the universe took the nail of a solder.  Why? Because that’s what Love does.  – Max Lucado

JOY #Allin

Could not be more proud of our Team, our Coach and staff, our University, our corner of South Carolina–the culture is Extraordinary.  #Allin #AllJoy  

Heart, Mind, Soul & Strength

Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people; a heart that forgives the worst; a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never loses faith in God.

The Shadow of a Steeple

One of the more iconic landmarks of downtown Greenville – especially at dusk and early mornings – is the Steeple at Grace Church (formerly Downtown Baptist Church).   I was blessed in 2016 to blend my living space and workspace together–actually a prayerful dream that came to fruition.  And the irony is that is former basement… Read more »

The Peace of God

Experiencing the peace of God doesn’t mean our lives will be without hardship, pain, anxiety or worry–it just means that His peace will give us the understanding to go through any obstacle that comes our way today–an inner sense of contentment and quietness regardless of today’s circumstances.   God’s Peace is complete, adequate and sufficient… Read more »