Be Extra-ordinary.


Not ordinary. Something extra.

But how does extraordinary happen?

Extraordinary starts with us—an ordinary person at an ordinary job doing ordinary things on an ordinary day. No special advantages. Just all-around “ordinary.”

Then we decide to do something extra. To be something extra. Something a lot-a-bit extra. And not just one time. But day after day after day.

And then one day, everyone watching we will notice that “ordinary” is no longer an accurate description for the person we have become. For what we have done. And they will shake their heads and remark that what they have seen is extraordinary. Because it was. And because we will be.

And that’s how extraordinary happens.

By not being satisfied with ordinary. By being vigilant. Being obsessed. No excuses. Just a relentless focus on being better.

It’s deciding to go the extra mile when the last mile was hard enough. It’s controlling our minds in spite of the obstacles ahead.

It comes down to this really simple thought: If we don’t make time to pursue being extraordinary, then we’ll never experience true greatness. All you’ll ever know is mediocrity.

You’re already making time to be average and ordinary.

Why not choose to be Extra-ordinary ?