The Shadow of a Steeple

One of the more iconic landmarks of downtown Greenville – especially at dusk and early mornings – is the Steeple at Grace Church (formerly Downtown Baptist Church).   I was blessed in 2016 to blend my living space and workspace together–actually a prayerful dream that came to fruition.  And the irony is that is former basement of the Church–Mother always told me I needed to stay close the altar. (smile).  I cannot even count back to the restless nights I have walked up to the corner of River & McBee–taking in every aspect of the Steeple–there is just something about it that calms me and warms my spirit.  And in certain vantage points,  its ‘shadow’ casts itself right over the top of my living space.  So today, I am thankful for ‘my’ Steeple…and gratefully blessed that God has placed me here at this place and time–a Baptist preacher’s kid in a Shadow of a Steeple.  #ReKindle2019