The Life of Jesus

Sharing from my devotional time this morning (Mark Chapter 3) where Jesus enters the synagogue and sees a man with a shriveled hand. He tells the man to “stretch out his hand” and upon doing so, he’s healed.
Jesus commands the man ” Stretch out your hand” – this would be really cruel if Jesus COULDN’T heal him. But because He COULD, this was a compassionate command. A command to trust and to reach out, an opportunity to act on faith. There’s no account of an excuse…”but, Lord….” There’s no account of hesitation. Just ” he stretched it out, and his hand was completely restored.” God commands. We obey. He equips. That’s how it works. The man in the synagogue couldn’t possibly stretch out his hand on his own, or we would have already. In that precise moment of faith, the healing power of Jesus’ words restored his hands and filled his soul.
We have the opportunity to do the same this very day – to stretch out our hands to the Savior – to let go of what we’ve clinched so tightly, and surrender it to the Lord. We are not promised an easy life. In fact, we were warned there would be trouble. God often uses difficult situations to accomplish things in our lives. He commands us not to worry and to have faith in Him because He can do all things. When we, in faith, turn our difficulties to God, trusting Him with the outcome, then He is able to work and turn things for our good. Have a blessed Wednesday Friends.