The Dance

Early morning reflection. These past few years, months, weeks & just days within my Circle of life friends & clients, so many have lost beloveds–spouses, parents, brothers/sisters, children, grandchildren. Maybe it is just the age I am now @ 64 gratefully spanning many generations – and I know a lot of people from my PK years and a 22 year business – but there are very few weeks these past few years in my calendar that didn’t include a condolence, a visitation and/or funeral within my Tribe. So many are grieving and my heart grieves with them even this day. Life is not without it’s gains and losses; it’s fragile and many times way too short or unexpected; it’s share of joy, pain & grief. Life is a Dance. One of my favorite Garth Brooks ballads – ‘Our lives are better left to chance. I could’ve missed the pain, but I’d have to miss the Dance.’ We miss our Beloveds each and every day–grieving their absences is from the pain of loving them. But we would not have missed the Dance. Remembering all those gone too soon–and prayers and much love for you today if you are grieving a loss. A reunion day is just over the horizon. And it’s going to be amazing. Love you all.