The Applause of Heaven

On last Saturday afternoon before our Snow Saga, I was asked by a lifelong family friend back to my Dacusville years to participate at a Celebration of Life service for their family matriarch who had passed several weeks ago with COVID complications. When I arrived – come to find out that the minister was not going to be able to be there as he just found out he and his wife were positive (and his wife was to play the organ). SO–I was called to ‘multi-task’. I played both the piano and organ. I led congregational hymns. I sang Mrs. Margaret’s favorites. And I read scripture and shared memories–and led the grave site prayer. The family that I have known basically all my life were so thankful and appreciative–many of them I had not seen since grade school. As I was leaving the grave site there was a distinct ray of light that came through the clouds. At that moment, I knew that Mother and Dad had been looking over and just grinned. My Dad always was convinced that I was called to become a preacher – I was his mini-me all my childhood life – but I never felt the ‘call’. And Mother – who prayed over me while still in her womb with my music – I still at 64+ cannot read a note or scale (basically stopped trying..) had to be impressed with my musical multi-tasking all-in-one (playing, singing, leading..). I am convinced that Heaven allows an audience when they can see good and happy things. And for that brief moment last Saturday at a grave site at a little country church in Dacusville, after many choices of my life path sorely disappointing my beloved parents – I got to experience what Max Lucado has written about–‘The Applause of Heaven’. And I was humbly grateful. A quote from a Pastor friend below. #gratefulthankfulblessed