Pastor Appreciation Month

From a grateful Life PK. October is designated as Pastor (Clergy) Appreciation Month. I am eternally thankful to have been born and raised in a Pastor’s Home. Admittedly, it was difficult for me for the first part of my life as I was always measuring up my Pastors to my extraordinary Dad. I knew the price it tolled. I knew the dedication it took. I knew the sacrifices first hand. And I knew the servant heart of God in He and Mother in real time. I saw it every day in my early life. I wish I had been a better son; regret the paths I took that broke his heart. I hope in some small realm he can see that I finally after multiple Prodigal paths, I humbly try to be the Man he taught me to be in small ways each day. Friends, appreciate and love your Pastor/Clergy and their families–and all the Missionaries and Evangelists who serve faithfully.

‘Preach the word, preach the cross,
Preach redemption to a lost and dying world.
Lift your voice, unashamed, of the Gospel of His name.
Until all have heard, preach the word.’