Old Friends

I had the best lunch ‘date’ earlier today (well, now yesterday) with our beloved Kat Joyner & Beth Crigler–it had been several years since I had seen Kat (before COVID..) We had the BEST time–just about everyone coming in to Fork & Plough knew them so I enjoyed her seeing and meeting their friends. She brought me the most wonderful gift–a Frank Sinatra signature Songbook that originally came from C. Dan’s Mom’s piano and passed onto him–his Mom was a splendid pianist. How special was that–I will cherish it–just flooded my heart and memories of our beloved C. Dan and his Mom.
I am officially now less than 30 days away from the official ‘old man/Medicare eligible/teeth in a glass 🙂 6-5′. My most treasured and valued asset – my OLD FRIENDS. ‘Old friends, after all of these years just old friends– through laughter and tears –old friends
What a find; what a priceless treasure. Old friends like a rare piece of gold, my old friends. Make it great to grow old, old friends, with all I will hold to old friends.’ – Gaither
Kat & Beth–thank you for making my day and your kindness blessing my heart. Next visit – pre-holiday coffee & brunch @ my new Perch @ West Court–the original Sunday School class wing of First Baptist Greenville where Kat & C. Dan attended.