It’s 5:55A on the 35th day of this journey–and some normalcy is back. Slept best last night in weeks – two long segments of 4+ hours of restful sleep (not naps) that were a needed blessing–which I had not had even back weeks before the move. In the rear view mirror–pushing one’s self beyond exhaustion threshold is not a good idea – take it from a wiser old man today. The multiple viruses knew that. BUT GOD. My appetite improves each day–just taking it slow. This 4+ week beard is hitting the ‘curb’ today; cautiously planning on some walks up and around the hallway today; and getting out for some fresh air (other than ER and Urgent Care adventures) the first of next week. My ‘throttle’ I spoke to earlier this week is not quite yet ‘full’ but I am so grateful to feel somewhat human again. So appreciative to my clients for being so patient–I promise to be a better watch care of myself–it has all been a lesson as a beloved Friend ‘preached’ to me earlier this week–that even Superman has to take off his cape sometimes. : I have missed you all–I have spent a lot of ‘time’ with you especially the past few years trying to be a resource of encouragement and positiveness during some dark days we all have went through. And I will be back on the porch again very soon. Love you all.