ReKindle 2019

Letting Go of Some Knobs

Some Friday Inspiration(s)–letting go of some ‘knobs’ and resetting our eyes. Have a blessed Friday everyone and an extraordinary weekend! #BeEncouragedToday

I Will Be Grateful For This Day

So very thankful for another Thursday–family, friends that are family, associates that are family. Reminded so much of that last night enjoying dinner @Soby’s with valued extraordinary friends & clients Dr.’s Ann Bynum and Matt Bynum. As I was walking back down the hill @ West Court I felt this enveloping sense of being so… Read more »

Good in Every Day

Always be grateful for what you have. Every day will not always be good, but there is good in every day if you choose to find it.


You are NOT defined by your worst moments. You are NOT defined by your greatest accomplishments. You are NOT defined by what others think of you or what you think about yourself. You are NOT defined by what you do or fail to do. You ARE defined by what God has done for you. –… Read more »

Always Present. Always God.

The deepest level of worship is praising God through the pain; thanking God during the trials; trusting God when we are afraid; and loving Him even when He seems so far away. God is our Hope at our lowest; God is our Light at our darkest; and God is our Strength at our weakest. Psalm… Read more »

What if?

What if…we left people better than we found them? What if…we left them with a little hope, a smile, a wee bit of encouragement? What if..everyone encountered each other with the intention to bless them that day–in that moment. One of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes is that people will not remember what you said… Read more »

I Can Trust Jesus

God picked up a sparrow that could no longer fly. He brushed off his wounds then watched it soar into the sky. If He’s mindful of creation on this I can depend. I am His child and I can place all my trust in Him. I can trust Jesus. I can trust Jesus.He never once… Read more »

Planted for a Purpose

An encouraging word. Wherever life plants us today, bloom with grace. And if we find ourselves in a dark place–buried under anxiety or fear–just think we are actually being planted for a purpose. Have a great Tuesday everyone.

The Way of the Cross

I have nothing to claim but my guilt and my shame. Hopelessly lost, I could not find my way. Till His glorious light of love shone down on me. His mercy washed all my sins away! And what He did for me that day Was a price I could not pay. And by His grace,… Read more »