Old Friends

On this Thankful Thursday, just so eternally grateful for Old Friends. Earlier this week, a dear friend and client of over 20 years stopped by with her twin great grandsons – just turning 4. My gift ‘room’ and candy / snack dishes were toast within a few minutes 🙂 I was helping getting them cleaned up from the chocolate–Hunter looked up at me with that sincere quizzed look on his face–‘Mr. Randy, are you as old as Santa? Your hair is white like Santa.’ Hunter, I guess I am. And as they were leaving – he cuts his eyes back to his Nana (whom, tongue in cheek I know is 4 years older than me) ‘Nana, you hang out with cool old people.” 🙂
So Hunter, that she does. So today, I am thankful for you – my Old Friends. I love each of you more than could ever know. Of all your priceless treasures in my life – loyalty, kindness, respect – and we always have each other’s back…one of the most treasured parts of our friendship is laughter. “Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of your heart.” We don’t let cobwebs stay around too long for each other. Have a blessed, safe, vigilant and thankful Thursday all.
Old friends, after all of these years just old friends
Through laughter and tears, just old friends.
What a find, what a priceless treasure.
Old friends like a rare piece of gold, my old friends
Make it great to grow old, old friends;
With all I will hold to old friends. – Gaither