8030 Days

8,030 DAYS.
192,720 HOURS.
11,563,200 MINUTES.
693,379,200 SECONDS.
At today’s end, our first 22 years in business makes it mark in time. Looking back, it seems like a blink – admittedly some days brought some anxiety 🙂 but WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY RIDE! God is Amazing. Not only did He bless me with this business; but a Team of Associates and Collaborative Partners that ‘bring it’ each day to build a brand beyond any of my wildest dreams; and a treasured, valued, loyal group of client partners who took a chance on me in the early days and are still here today and are my best, best of friends that are now family.
In His amazing and unmerited Grace, our Father took my brokenness and loved me enough to set me on this path. Tomorrow, April 1 2022 – Year 23 begins. My eternal gratitude to you all for trusting me, believing in me, loving me through this wonderfully remarkable journey. Saddle up your horses…we STILL have a trail to blaze. Love you all. More.