We are so Blessed

‘We are so blessed by the things You have done; the victories we’ve won, and what You’ve brought us through.’ One of my favorite Gaither lyrics resonated with me this morning–the pandemic I feel has caused us all to be more self-reflective. Especially us old folk as we look back through pictures or we are outside socially distanced just absorbing some sunshine and fresh air–but physically alone a lot – we reflect or as my Granny Looper would ‘ponder’. I think and pray for all those that God has so blessed into my life path and the wonderfully good times – the ‘ victories we’ve won’ – and the memories that bring us joy, laughter, and smiles in this uncertain time. But we have also experienced together pain, loss, ‘what You’ve brought us through’–but we did it together. So today, I am thankfully blessed by you my Friend(s) and Family; admittedly, I MISS MY HUGS – but soon. And as in the reflective parting words of our dear Betty N. Moore- I Love You More. #LoveWins