Veterans Day 2020

It has been an awesome day seeing all your posts of Dads, Husbands, Grandpas, Uncles – family and friends from all walks of life – honoring them this Veterans Day 2020. Admittedly, made my heart swell with pride as THIS is what America is about and we love, respect and remember our Military Heroes. My absolute favorite photo of my Dad deployed in Korea in early 1950’s. And a companion absolute favorite ‘glam’ shot of my Mom – she worked an entire week at the cotton mill X 2 shifts to pay for the dress, the hair, and the photo shoot. I still have the treasured original she sent to him–they had really just started dating before he deployed. A set of red lips on the back with a note – Wallace Robert Looper. Just reminding what you have waiting for you. Come Home to me. And He did just that 🙂 God Bless all our Patriots–deployed, active, retired and no longer with us. You are indeed our Heroes–and God Bless our America.