Unexpected Blessings

Wanted to share an unexpected blessing from earlier today @ Walgreens/Easley. I went to pick up some prescriptions; arrived with a long line at the drive through, so diverted to walk in. Another long line inside–ugh!! Deep breath. I glanced over to the waiting area–a senior saint and her disabled son; she was holding his hand in hers, her head was bowed and could see tears in the corner of her eyes. Felt that ‘nudge’ in my Spirit – Went over and knelt beside her–it startled her a bit–and pulled over a chair–and there began my unexpected blessing. Over the next half hour–and along with the wonderfully kind staff @ Walgreens –just say together we humbly showed a little ‘Jesus’ today. All their meds needed; stocked them up with some groceries; gas’d up her van. Her gratitude was overwhelming. Bravo to my pharmacy. You stepped up. And thank you Father for making what I thought was an inconvenience into an unexpected blessing. Eyes and Hearts Open, Friends. Our world needs us.