As a favor to a friend earlier today, I participated as a guest ‘expert’ in a small business webinar for her clients–she called it ‘Grass Roots Marketing’–guess I was the GOAT grazing. 🙂 Anyway–was asked the question about my faith–and if I was afraid that because I do talk about it often and transparently over all my business brands that it would affect my business. It gave me an amazing opportunity to tell my story and how I am not ashamed to share it.
One of my favorite Janet Paschal song lyrics… #Unashamed
‘That’s why I am not ashamed of the Gospel
The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
No, I am not afraid to be counted
And I’m willing to give my life.
See I’m ready to be all He wants me to be
Give up the wrong for the right.
No, I am not ashamed of the Gospel
No, I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.’