Trusting God In The Storm

Some people think believing in God and having faith is like going through life with a crutch, like trusting that God will work everything out is an easy choice. I don’t know about you, but trusting God and having faith doesn’t always come easily to me even though I was raised to do just that from a child. I like to take control of my life during a time of crisis. My default isn’t always to trust God, but to figure out how I can fix a broken situation on my own. I’ve got this, I tell myself. But I’m learning this human tendency to fight for control is really an invitation from the Lord.

When we feel fearful about the uncertainty of the future, we can turn to the constant faithfulness of our God. When we feel sorrowful about all the deaths and sickness, turn to the power of prayer and discernment in how we can help those around us. Just know that trusting the Lord and believing in who he is may be the greatest thing our souls need right now and our faith just may positively affect our world around us.

‘Many things about tomorrow I don’t seem to understand.
But I knows Who holds tomorrow.
And I know Who holds my hand.’