They Must Be Crushed

yes, the world is getting crazier and crazier.
it doesn’t take long to hear this statement in conversations.
but, this observation still needs to come back to ourselves.
what are You requiring of ME, God?
what are you after in ME?
that still small voice says—
“to be broken bread and poured out wine”.
letting that “crazy world” we so often talk about—
partake of the Jesus in us.
talk just goes so far.
people can’t drink grapes.
they must be “crushed”.
that’s why the scripture is so specific in, “if MY people will humble themselves”.
we must wake up every day with not how crazy the world is—
but how much we will allow God to shape His Son in us.
and if we do, let it not be our own squeezing, our own timing, our own way—
it will only become a cheap version of the real thing—just like wine.
we will end up depositing nothing in this world but talk–of how crazy it is.
pray for me as i will pray for you.