Thanks & Giving

Just got back in @ The Perch. So very thankful for our Monday Morning Prayer & Bible Study Group–our 5th year now–an eclectic mix of downtown business owners, pastoral staff from over a dozen different congregations of all faiths and creeds and inner city community leaders. It’s interesting as I am the old ‘goat’ in the bunch now and admittedly a laundry list of nagging health obstacles have slowed me down this past year–so tonight they made me sit & ‘supervise’ our annual Thanks&Giving food box and cooler bag builds that are to be distributed tomorrow. Wednesday will be hot meal plate builds with all the trimmings and holiday desserts –families from each of the church congregations have signed up to visit each shut in to be a Thanks&Giving blessing and bring a little Jesus to these precious folk who depend on us. Every needful list has been covered–again through a united effort of extraordinary Christian Brothers and their churches and families. I had prayed months back as I knew I just was not going to be physically able to cover all the bases this year that I usually do. My Christian Brothers stepped up BIG TIME – and I am so beyond grateful. So I can rest a little better tonight. 🙂 Night all. Prayers for so many this night. Love you all. More. #gratefulthankfulblessed