Thank You.

Less than 12 hours from now–my ‘crew’ and I head up the West Court ‘Hill’ to the historic Westin Poinsett @ 5AM to do final prep for our 5th Annual LEAD Greenville County Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast. It all began with a giving gesture of a small group of Seabrook Marchant‘s long time friends to buy breakfast for a couple of dozen local Law Enforcement officers @ Tommy’s Ham House. Fast forward to now in it’s 5th Year–this year with over 1,000+ Giveaways – Valor Bags, Daily Drawing Prizes, Commemorative T-Shirts & Free Offers valued at over $90,000 that is funded & donated by 100+ local businesses and patrons –it has ‘morphed’ to beyond anything we could ever foresee. Our motivation? Just small gestures of appreciation to all those who serve and protect – often in harms way for us and our Community. Admittedly, I am exhausted physically. But my heart is happy that tomorrow, I get to see the faces and shake the hands of hundreds of our heroes and thank them. Life and our God is Good.