Taking our Hand off the Wheel

Wrapping up a busy work week Friday (oops..now Saturday morning) here @ WestCourt. A lot of River St. traffic tonight (whizzing by my street side windows along River St. and the trolley just made a noisy last stop of the night–yep, I do have a downtown trolley stop right on my corner. 🙂 Some interesting folk at times–and my window sills right at my office are where folk come and sit a spell. 🙁
Have been ‘work jammin’ to some vintage Happy Goodmans videos tonight. Sister Vestal has always been a favorite and Howard a master showman on the piano. One of the classics I’ll close with–and with a motivational message for us all. Sometimes we gotta take our hand off the steering wheel – and let Jesus drive. Rest well Friends. Prayers for many. Love you all.
‘Well, if you’ve got mountains that you can’t climb
Oh, and if you’ve got rivers that you can’t cross
And if you’ve got valleys that you can’t span
Let Jesus, let Jesus take a hold of your hand.
Give up, let Jesus take over
Oh, give up, let Jesus take over
And He’ll make a way for you.’ – Howard Goodman