Music was born in my heart 63+ years ago; music was in my soul from the first song Mother taught me; music was in my ‘ear’ and my hands the very first time I crawled up on a piano bench as a toddler. Music was my way as a child to communicate what I felt in my heart. Music has been a way most of my life to accompany the best voices in the best choirs and harmonize with in the best voices in trios and quartets. Music in my latter years has been a solace–nothing is a more calming, reflective end of a day or a restless night than just sitting on a bench in a quiet corner @ West Court. And just play. So tonight–I am so thankful for that ‘gift’ my Mother prayed for me; one that I can’t explain how I do it; but how it makes me feel. Friends, time to close out another month, another Saturday night in The Neighborhood; a new month has begun. Please be vigilant, be kind, be safe–and stay as cool as you can- this heat is too hot for old people. 🙂 Love you all.