Loving People

Being so very blessed to grow up as a PK–born as one..no other options 🙂 in the first hand day to day lives of my extraordinary parents, I had the opportunity to watch them 24/7; mountaintops and deep valleys; feast and famine; success and failure. I often talk about them because they were my mentors, my teachers, my life examples. The one thing–which happens to be the ‘greatest of’ attributes was loving people. All people. No matter where you had been or what you had done or not done, they loved people to Jesus. It was not complicated. There were no agendas. They just loved. And if you strayed away, they would just love you back Home. SO–my challenge to us today – all of us – let’s not make it so complicated or conditional or be afraid to love because someone is different or has different ideas or have chosen different paths. Just love each other- like Jesus taught us, and my Mom & Dad taught me. You will never know but you just may be making an eternal difference in someone’s life. Love you all Friends. Please be safe, wise, and vigilant and #golovetheworld