Holidays and Grief

Shared from a Friend.
‘Loss can be even louder during the holiday months and change the lens through which you see and feel everything:
Twinkling lights seem as though they’ve dimmed somehow. The sparkle has dulled. The music has quieted. The joy, hope, and magic of the season feels out of reach.
Grief doesn’t take a holiday. I hope that however it presents itself for you this season, that you’re able to sit with it and feel it. That you’re able to take a step back from the things you need to or bravely take a step forward toward the things your heart is ready for.
It’s okay if traditions look different as your heart catches its breath. It’s okay if you are welcoming back old traditions you’ve taken a break from. It’s okay if you’re bravely adding new ones.
There’s no rule-book here, but there is a ton of grace. This holiday season can look however you need it to.
And I pray that, like a gentle and unexpected friend, you still see places where hope glimmers. I hope you see reminders of your loved one sprinkled everywhere throughout this season.
And if joy or peace comes to meet you amidst the grief and pain, I hope you open your heart to the tension of feeling those things too.’ 🙏🏻
-Liz Newman