He’ll Bring Us Through

Thoughts for this beautiful Thursday fall morning in The Neighborhood with some favorite lyrics from The Collingsworth Family ‘Best Of’ on surround @ West Court before ZOOM client calls. Be encouraged today–no matter what we are facing today–He WILL bring us through.
‘When my world is shaking,
And I face the fear of the unknown;
Things seem dark all around me,
As I reach out for some ray of hope.
It’s then I feel His arms around me,
And I hear Him gently say, ” Child I am here.”
And I know the plans that I have made for you,
Just trust me there is no need to fear.
He’ll bring you through,
Whatever you face;
There’s not a problem too big,
Or a mountain so high,
That He won’t go with you;
And walk by your side.
He’ll row you over the tide,
When the storms threaten your very life;
He’ll keep His promise my friend,
He’ll bring you through.’