Celebrating 21 Years

7,670 DAYS.
184,080 HOURS.
11,044, 800 MINUTES.
662,688,000 SECONDS.
At today’s end, our first 21 years in business makes it mark in time. Looking back, it seems like a blink – admittedly some days brought some anxiety 🙂 but WHAT AN AMAZING RIDE! God is Amazing. Not only did He bless me with this business; but the Team of associates that support and build it each day beyond any of my wildest dreams; a treasured, valued, loyal group of client partners who took a chance on me in the early days and are still here today and are my best, best of friends that are now family. One of the Gaither’s best lyrics fit my life story – these are those lyrics.
‘If there ever were dreams
That were lofty and noble
They were my dreams at the start.
And hope for life’s best were the hopes
That I harbor down deep in my heart
But my dreams turned to ashes
And my castles all crumbled, my fortune turned to loss.
So I wrapped it all in the rags of life
And laid it at the cross.
Something beautiful, something good
All my confusion He understood.
All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife.
But He made something beautiful of my life.’
‘So I wrapped them all in the rags of my life and laid it at the cross…’ God in His amazing grace took my brokenness and loved me enough to set me on this path. Tomorrow, April 1 2021 – Year 22 begins. My eternal gratitude to you all for trusting me, believing in me, loving me through this wonderful journey Tomorrow, Year 22 begins. Saddle up your horses…we have a trail to blaze. Love you all.