ReKindle 2019

How We Make Others Feel

Life lessons. I remember as a young child before I started school literally going with my Dad everywhere–I was a carbon copy mini-me according to my Grandma Looper. Hospital visits, home visits, revival services, jails, funerals and visitations, door to door canvassing. So I got to see the world in very raw perspective very young… Read more »

Thankful Thursday – Group Hug

A few random Thankful Thursday shares/re-posts and yep–it’s 2:30A wrapping up a busy / productive day and a power nap is definitely in my immediate future.🙂 The Moon & Stars, Right is Right, What’s Important, and my new cool hat. 7AM is calling my name. Group Hug. #ReKindle2019

Leaving A Legacy

I am so very proud of our TCS 1975 Class–we are developing and plans are coming together to begin and annually fund a Scholarship @ TCS to honor classmates and teammates that have left us way too soon to include Danny Rose, Wade Graves, Charley Rice and others. It is awesome to still be connected… Read more »

Morning by Morning

‘Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed Thine hand hath provided. Great is Thy Faithfulness.’ A chilly morning @ The Reedy. Happy Friday – make it a great everyone. Be sure to check on our Senior Saints & shut-ins. #Rekindle2019

A ‘Praise-Ful’ Thursday

We even thank You for the pain – It’s through the losses that we gain. A clear perspective, a better view Of our dependency of You. Through good and bad we’ve learned to trust That You are loving, wise and just Yes, now with trusting hearts we raise Our hymn of deepest, highest praise! A… Read more »

Nothing Gets Better Than That

A restless night–sleep was not on the agenda– happens more as I get older with a lot on my heart & mind with month end project deadlines and thinking of many friends this morning going through some major struggles. A large pot of hot lemon tea; the fireplace on for awhile on this chilly morning;… Read more »

I Love You More.

Words we can never say or do enough–and perfect for a Saturday.