An Early Rise

An early rise this Thursday morning–after a few hours of rest–woke up WIDE awake here in the wee hours @WestCourt; so many Friends on my heart; yesterday (Wed) just in my friends/family/client Circle SIX (6) new positive COVID tests that I was made aware of and FOUR (4) of these are in the hospital; TWO (2) in ICU already on vents. And @ 6PM, a desperate call on my cell from a 30+ year friend waiting on an ambulance unable to breathe–he’s now in ICU on a vent. Absolutely breaks my heart. There were months and months in 2020 and early 2021 where there were multiple funerals or services for family, friends, and clients each and every week. This is now week 2 of multiple funerals and services–Brianna Justus service on Saturday and a valued client’s husband in Mills River on Sunday. I am posting this from a sincere heart and out of love and concern –not for debate–but just asking, pleading, begging….PLEASE PLEASE be safe and vigilant. I (we) have lost too many that we love… I am heading to Mother’s prayer closet to spend some ‘be still’ time on my knees with my Heavenly Father. I love you all.