A Thankful Thursday

A Thankful Thursday. One of my favorite Squire Parsons lyrics – best known for his timeless Sweet Beulah Land–The Greatest of All Miracles.. Today, so very humbly and eternally grateful because I KNOW WHAT JESUS DID FOR ME. I’ve walked the road of the Prodigal more than a few times the early decades of my adult life; I’ve been at those dark places where I thought I had walked beyond God’s grave and forgiveness. But here today, 2-18-21, I can tell you without reservation that there is miraculous healing and restoration–I am living proof of that. Be encouraged this day, Friends. He can do the same for you.
‘I have seen the lowest sin sick soul
Have life anew and be made pure, pure and whole.
And I have knelt and loosed the chains of sin
And set my spirit free
Yes, I know what Jesus did for me.
I believe there is power in the blood of the Lamb
And I believe there is healing in the touch of His hand.
But the greatest of all miracles was when Jesus saved me.
For I know what Jesus did for me.’