9-9-32. My Dad was actually a twin – his baby sister died in childbirth. I suspect that is why MeMaw held her apron strings really tight with my Dad – her baby son. Tomorrow would have been 91–10 months younger than Mother. Heaven is timeless – no day nor night – time will be no more. So, theologically I guess birth dates and birthdays are for us to honor and remember those we love. I’m sure it’s pretty apparent I love my Dad–I was his mini-me for most of my cherished childhood. My teen and early adult years I broke his heart more times that I can fathom – he always forgave and loved me in spite of me. Many have told me over the years – especially his inner circle(s) that he always kept faith in my being his #2 and that God would get a hold of my heart to join him in ministry. Admittedly, I wonder sometimes if I had – all the prodigal troubles I put myself through. But he always loved me through it. In the pulpit and leading congregations and driven by winning souls to Christ – he was simply the best I ever knew. And I got to call him Dad. Happy 91 tomorrow Dad. ‘I’m proud to be my Father’s son. Thanks for all you’ve done for me and someday for eternity, we will walk the streets of Heaven…’ We’ll be Home soon.