Social Media Marketing

social media markingThere are many different labels and definitions for what Social Media Marketing really is. We take a comprehensive approach to Social Media Marketing with a focus on achieving your business goals. Social Networking will allow you to increase your exposure and build your online community. One technique is to build out Social Media Networks like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and more. These tools will allow you to communicate with the online public through more channels than just your website.

Once your community has grown to a substantial size (which will continue to grow), you now can market to this audience and keep them engaged with your company. Too many agencies build out the tools and that is where their strategy ends. For us, that is really when the most important part begins. The creativity of our Internet marketing team will develop an innovative strategy that is unique to your company and your goals.

Our Social Media Marketing Services include:

Demand Creation and Conversion

Integrate with custom or third-party databases that enable real-time data collection from your website. A database allows you to collect and sort valuable customer data, and drive new marketing campaigns based on that data.

Measurement and Response

Who is visiting your website, what are they doing and where did they come from? Carolina Creative can help you set up and learn to utilize web analytics so you can collect market intelligence, gauge the effectiveness of your communications and optimize your site for lead conversion.

Cross-Media Marketing Services

Many companies come to us with the same concerns - how to gain more Internet visibility, build brand loyalty, and improve marketing ROI. Cross-media marketing addresses all of these concerns in a very intelligent way.

Marketing in a multi-dimensional world

We live in a 'multi-media' world, so we approach marketing challenges in a multi-dimensional context. Web, print and interactive media all play a role and there is a time, reason and method for using each in order to connect with your audience. Carolina Creative can help you promote your brand consistently across all media platforms, and build important linkages with a variety of stakeholders in your audience.

Every communication - online and offline - is designed with triggers that inspire your audience to respond and tell you and others in your audience of their interests. When you have a dynamic website at the core of your marketing efforts, each new linkage is a valuable metric to help you measure campaign effectiveness and make adjustments.

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